Sisig, this dish is truly Filipino. It is said that it originated in Pampanga. Over the years it has evolved to countless variations and the most popular is served on a sizzling platter and toped with egg. Other than pork, there is the sisig chicken, tuna, bangus, tofu ect.

Sisig with Egg

Here is my version of sisig.


1 pig head, cut into four parts
1/2 k. pork liver
6 large size onion, chopped
6 pcs. green sili, chopped
2 pcs. pork bouillon cube
2 c. vinegar
1/3 c soy sauce
2 tbsp. liquid seasoning
1 tbsp. peppercorn
3 pcs. bay leaf
salt and pepper

Cooking procedure:

Sisig - Method

In a big casserole boil pig head, peppercorn, bay leaf and salt for 30 to 45 minutes or until tender and skin can be separated from the skull. On the last 5 to 10 minutes of boiling add in the pork liver. Remove from casserole and drained in a colander until dry or wipe with paper towels. Cut head parts and liver into grilling size and grill until brown and crispy. Dice face part and liver into small cubes. In a big wok stir fry diced face part and liver without oil for 10 to 15 minutes at high heat. Add in 4 cups water, bouillon cube, vinegar, soy sauce, liquid seasoning and salt/pepper to taste. Stir cook for 10 to 15 minutes. Add in onions and green sili, stir cook for another 3 to 5 minutes. Serve with kalamansi or serve on a sizzling plate with kalamansi and top with egg.

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  1. meron akong tenga at saka mukha ng baboy kaya nag-search ako sa ssite mo ng sisig luckily may entry ka salamat, i am grilling them right now at maya maya ay stir-fry ko na mmmmmm

  2. alilay,
    just watch out for all those cholesterol…

  3. How about mixing it with beef cheeks along with pork snouts, pwede ba?

  4. I heard of some restaurants that serve beef sisig, compared to pork, beef sisig is a bit chewy therefore it has to be boiled a little longer. To answer your question, theoretically yes but I never tried it my self.

  5. Hey i am from angeles city, the birthplace of sisig. the way they do it here is boild the pig's face, then grill it, chop it not too fine though. the flavor or seasoning comes from the calamansi, pepper, salt and sili. they also mix in adobong chicken liver for extra taste. what they do is they crush the adobong atay ng manok, mix with it the calamansi, salt, pepper and sili, mix it well and pour over the chopped pigs face and mix thoroughly.

  6. Hi balong, Thanks for sharing I will try this version the next time na magluto ako ng sisig.

  7. paborito ko ang sisig lalo pangpulutan.ang sarap...............

  8. yes anonymous,masarap talagang pulutan lalo na with a lot of hot sauce.

  9. Sisig is just my favorite authentic Pinoy food! I love the sisig made especially by my friend's uncle, Tito Rex. It take about 3 days for him to prepare the most delicious sisig I've ever tasted.

    There was one time where me and my friends had a baby shower for one of our friends and we made our own dishes. One of us came up with Sisig Sushi. It was awesome!

  10. Hi lizzy, It’s another innovative version of sisig worth trying, the way you describe it, sure it’s wonderful. Thanks for linking.

  11. wow. ! da best. .sarap nyan. .!
    matry nga luto ganyan. . =)

  12. sarap naman nyan, miss ko tuloy ang Pinas!

  13. Grabeh Favorite ko talaga yan, ansarap lalo na with maraming onions and calamansi... sarap with mami, special!! ^^

  14. i tried it just now but i used turbo broiler to grill my pork. it tasted like litson that my children joked to eat it just like that... my first try to make sisig yet it was sooo good. my choldren loved it. thanks for the recipe...

  15. Hi fritz of cavite,
    Thank you for sharing and for you positive feedback.

  16. hi mochalo-mochalap! chalap2x ng sisig

    boy bangz of QC

  17. nasubukan ko kagabie. ok na pala yung dami ng tubig.. Thank you sa recipe

  18. Hi, i was wondering if you or any of your readers can come up with the recipe similar to sisig hooray's? I think the secret lies in the sauce they use. Would appreciate if anyone can share. TIA

  19. Hi dennis marban,
    I'm glad it turned out right, thanks for sharing.

    Hi TIA,
    I have not tried sisig hooray.

  20. thanks for this. inuman na!

  21. @ simplysaycheese,
    Oo masarap na pulutan ito.


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