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Loming Batangas, Lomi Batangas Style

Loming Batangas, Lomi Batangas Style . I have been planning to cook loming Batangas for a while now. It was very difficult because I am overseas and I do not have the right ingredients. However I finally have a go using ingredients which I used in my previous lomi recipes .  For the noodles I used fresh Hokien noodles in plastic pack, these are readily available in most supermarkets here. Instead of boiled quail egg I used regular chicken egg. I did not have also the fish balls or meat balls but it will do without them, if you happen to have them just fry them then add them on the last minute of cooking or add them as garnish. I did not have also the kikiam instead I used Chinese sausage plus a few dash of Chinese five spice as an alternate ingredients. The great thing is the dish turned out great. I was too excited I forgot to take a photograph of the dish served with the garnish and dipping sauce. Here is the recipe of my version of  Loming Batangas, Lomi Batangas St

Inihaw na Bangus sa Grill Plate

Inihaw na Bangus sa Grill Plate. Most of our readers have probably seen or have cooked our version of inihaw na bangus wrapped with aluminium foil . That version was something special and original to Overseas Pinoy Cooking due to the addition of bagoong alamang on the tomato, onion and ginger fillings . Today I would again want share another version of inihaw na bangus . Although you may wrapped the fish with aluminium foil , but this time I decided not to wrapped the fish with aluminium foil for the reason that I am using a grill plate and I wanted the grill marks on the grilled bangus . For this version I again introduce another ingredients, sampalok sinigang mix . The sourness of the  sinigang mix  will complement the already rich flavours of the filling with  bagoong alamang . Here is the recipe of my second version of  Inihaw na Bangus . Ingredients: 2 large size bangus, milkfish 3 medium size tomato, chopped 1 large size onion, chopped 2 thumb size ginger

Sautéed Ilocano Vegetables with Ground Pork

Sautéed Ilocano Vegetables with Ground Pork , or ginisang sitaw, sigarilyas, saluyot, bunga ng malungay at labong with giniling na baboy . Most of the Ilocanos are vegetable loving people, these is clearly demonstrated on the Ilocano cuisine . Several of the popular Ilocano vegetables are the pinakbet , dinengdeng , inabraw . These vegetables dishes are usually cooked simple, most of the time the vegetables are just boiled with bagoong then topped with fish or meat either grilled or fried . Of course there are other Ilocano vegetables that are sautéed with meat and aromatics but most likely it is made up of a medley of Ilocano vegetables . Today I would like to share one using a medley of vegetables that were available at the time of cooking. Of course do not limit the vegetable combination as mentioned on the recipe. used any vegetables that are available just remember the leafy vegetables will coo faster. For this recipe I used ground pork for the meat ingredient, again

Ginisang Munggo with Oxtail

Ginisang Munggo with Oxtail . Here is a dish made up of two of my favorite Pinoy food, munggo and oxtail . Ginisang munggo with oxtail is dish that is worth trying if you are looking for special cooking method of that lowly Pinoy favourite ginisang munggo . This is not the first time that I have tried to use different meat ingredients for ginisang munggo . Check the links below should you be interested or looking for alternative ingredients for your ginisang munggo . For today ginisang munggo recipe I used oxtail for the meat ingredients. To make the dish I have to boil the mung beans and the oxtail separately for easier adjustments of cooking time since I this is the first time that I cooked the dish. Theoretically it is possible to boil the oxtail first the add the mung beans in the same pot, but this require a little experience and skills on how soon the mung beans are added in the already cooking oxtail. For the vegetable ingredients I just used spinach and eggp

Sinigang na Corned Beef

Sinigang na Corned Beef . I was tempted to try to make sinigang na corned beef , which has been a subject of a lot of Pinoy foodies for some time now. Yes corned beef in sour broth, not that canned corned beef that most Pinoy are familiar with, but firm corned or cured beef meat against the mushy canned corned beef. Here in Australia corned beef silverside are readily available in most supermarket and meat shops, therefore making a good sinigang na corned beef here is one step less, the curing or the process of making corned beef out of fresh beef meat . I have seen a lot of sinigang na corned beef in the net using the canned corned beef and would say it looks awful, the sight of disintegrated corned beef swimming on the sinigang broth seem not right. However I still believed that it may taste better than its look, perhaps I could try to make one in the near future, besides I have already tried to use canned corned beef in a soup dish, the corned beef sopas and it wa

Seafood Sotanghon with Squid Ball Soup

Seafood Sotanghon with Squid Ball Soup is the second version of my seafood sotanghon soup . Sotanhon noodle soup is one of most Pinoy favorite noodle soup . For my second version of seafood sotanghon soup , in addition to the frozen mix seafood that is usually available in most supermarkets I also added some medium size shrimp and of course the squid balls. Cooking and the rest of the ingredients are basically the same with my previous sotanghong noodle soups . Should you be interested or looking for other sotanghong noodle recipes just click the links below to see my previous sotanghong post on the archives. Seafood Sotanghon Noodle Soup Sotanghon Noodle Soup Sardinas, Upo at Sotanghon Sardinas at Sotanghon, Tinolang Halaan with Sotanghon Tinolang Manok with Sotanghon Chicken with Ampalaya Tendrils and Sotanghon Crab with Sotanghon in Black Bean Sauce Vigan Miki Now here is the recipe of my Seafood Sotanghon with Squid Ball Soup . Ingredients: 1/2kilo so