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Chicken Macaroni Salad with Dried Mango

Chicken Macaroni Salad with Dried Mango. Do you want a twist to your usual chicken macaroni salad, a version that will surely impress your friends or visitor this coming New Year Celebration? Try this simple twist to the Pinoy chicken macaroni salad. For this 2011 Celebration’s Pinoy salad recipe I made a little twist to my chicken macaroni salad by just adding bits of dried mango.

It did not just add flavor and texture to the salad but it also enhance the visual appeal of the relatively whitish chicken macaroni salad. Another twist is I used shell macaroni instead of the usual elbow macaroni this has given a different character from the usual macaroni that you find on most Pinoy Holiday menu

Should you have a special preferred chicken macaroni salad why not try adding some dried mango to it and discover the difference? Here is the recipe of my Chicken Macaroni Salad with Dried Mango.

1 kilo shell macaroni, cooked as per package instructions 2 470ml bottle Lady’s Choice …

Purple Seafood Bringhe, Pinoy Arroz Valenciana Style

Purple Seafood Bringhe, Pinoy Arroz Valenciana Style. It is a family tradition that every Christmas either paella, bringhe, arroz valenciana or any similar rice dish is served on our Noche Buena dinner. For this Christmas I tried to be innovative by playing with the color of this year’s Christmas bringhe dish. Instead of using the regular white glutinous rice for bringhe I used violet glutinous rice commonly called pirurutong, a type of glutinous rice used in puto bumbong. The recipe is basically the same with my seafood bringhe. This would have been better if I have posted it earlier so the anyone who have been looking for something especial for their Noche Buena dinner could have tried it. Never the less if you are really in to something different you could always try it for tommorow’s Buena Noche dinner.

At this point I want to greet everyone a Happy and Prosperous New year!!!

Here is the recipe of my Purple Seafood Bringhe, Pinoy Arroz Valenciana Style.


1/4 kilo violet…

Special Pansit Palabok with Adobong Pusit

Special Pansit Palabok with Adobong Pusit. This is a special version of palabok, aside from the usual palabok garnishing I also added some smoked oystersand mussels this has made the palabok really smoky in flavour. For the palabok sauce I also added some shredded crab meat which gives the sauce a lot of texture and of course has significantly improved the flavor. The squid adobo toppings is not new it is usually one of the main toppings of Pansit Malabon.

For my recipe I used small squid for better presentation, larger squid will also do the job but it has to be sliced into rings. The squid adobo has to be cooked dry and really oozing with that black squid ink. For the recipe of the squid adobo just click the link. Pansit palabok is one of the pansit noodle dish that is usually prepared during the Christmas holiday seasons. If you have not decided yet what kind of pansit would you cooked this Christmas why not try it.

Now I would like to take the opportunity to greet every one with …

Cheesy Baked Embutido

Cheesy Baked Embutido. One of the more popular dish cooked by most Pinoy during Christmas is embutido. I have already several versions of embutido and meat loaf recipes in the archives if you are looking for a particular embutido recipe or something different from the usual or traditional embutido. Just click the link on the following list to see the recipes.

Chicken Embutido
Christmas Hardinera
Chicken Meatloaf, Chicken Relleno Style
Meatloaf, Christmas Meatloaf
Rellenong Manok, Chicken Relleno
Special Embutido

Our embutido version for this year’s Christmas is Cheesy Baked Embutido. As the name suggest it is loaded with extra cheese and instead of the usual steaming it is cooked in an oven, it is simpler compared to steaming. I suggest that it is served as it is or if you want it seared before serving it is best to sear it before slicing. The extra cheese will quickly caramelise even at low heat when you prefer it served seared or fried, just make sure that you turn or roll every n…

Orange Glazed Ham, Pinoy Style

Orange Glazed Ham, Pinoy Style. Our company have been traditionally giving away leg hams to every employee every Christmas. Most of us Pinoy are not used to having whole leg ham in our kitchen even myself I find difficulty trying to figure out what to do or how to cook this half leg ham every Christmas. In the end I ended sharing the ham to my neighbours.

Ok this time I tried to cook this big leg ham in an oven and glaze with orange syrup. If you happened to have a leg ham this Christmas you can try it, the result was not so bad. Now if you do not have a leg ham the recipe can also be adapted to smaller hams that we Pinoy are used to other wise try the Pinoy Pineapple Ham recipe in the archieves. Here is the recipe of my Orange Glazed Ham, Pinoy Stype.


1/2 leg ham about 2 to 3 kilos
3 oranges, sliced thinly
1 liter pulpy orange juice
1/2 cup fresh orange juice
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 tbsp. grated ginger

Cooking procedure:

Cut and remove the rind of the ham by running a small shar…

Vegetarian Mixed Pansit Guisado. Stirfried Vegtable Noodles

Vegetarian Mixed Pansit Guisado. Stirfried Vegtable Noodles. Pansit guisado or stirfried noodles is one of the more common dish cooked during the Christmas Holidays or any other similar celebrations. There are countless versions of the Pinoy pansit dish, everyone has their own special cooking method of pansit guisado. Versions usually defend on one’s preference which is basically depends on locality, family recipes, availability of ingredients, ect. We at Overseas Pinoy Cooking has in fact has significant number of recipes of pansit in our archives. Click the following link below should you are looking for some particular pansit dish.

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Crispy Tenga, Tengaling

Crispy Tenga, Tengaling. Need some special pulutan for this coming Christmas celebrations, try tengaling. Crispy tenga is an alternative pulutan to the more difficult to cook Crispy Pata. Both dish are not easy to fry however frying pork ear is more controllable since the pork ear pieces are fried in batches. Again I have to warn you that during frying expect a lot of oil splashing. Cooking crispy tenga is similar to cooking crispy pata. The pork ears are pre-boiled before cooking with similar ingredients to crispy pata. The pork ears could either be cut into desired sizes before or after boiling, however I recommend that it is to be cut before boiling for even cooking.

The boiled pork ears are then chilled before frying for crispier results but if you really want a super crispy tenga then the pork ears are double fried. Similar to my Vigan Bagnet the pork ears are fried two times on the first frying the pork ear are allowed to cool then chilled then when ready to serve the fried ears…

Baked Slipper Lobster with Garlic and Cheese

Baked Slipper Lobster with Garlic and Cheese. I have included this dish as one of the Christmas dish on our 2011 Celebration’s recipes since the recipe main ingredients could be adapted to use large prawns or shrimp instead of the pitik or slipper lobster which may not be readily available. This is my second recipe of slipper lobster, I have previously cooked the slipper lobster with the usual guinataang, click the link to see the recipe of the Guinataang Pitik, Slipper Lobsters on the archives.

Baked SlipperLobster withGarlic and Cheese cooking method is the same with Baked Tahong. The lobsters are cut in half the bake at different stage with butter garlic and cheese. As I said you can use prawn or shrimp with this recipe, the result should be similar with the lobster. Here is the recipe of my Baked Slipper Lobster with Garlic and Cheese.


2 large size slipper lobster, cleaned
2 cups grated cheddar cheese
1/2 cup grated salted butter
3-4 tbsp. minced garlic
1/2 lemon