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Sugpo at Upo Buridibud

Sugpo at Upo Buridibud . Buridibud is one of my favorite Pinoy vegetables dish , it’s a vegetable dish usually made up of Pinoy vegetables cooked/boiled with sweet potato or kamote and bagoong na isda , and topped with fried or grilled fish or fresh shrimp . When times are hard the vegetables may be just topped with daing na dilis or hibe . Click the links below to see the recipes of some of my Buridibud and dinendeng in the archives. Dinengdeng na Saging na Saba   Buridibud a Parda ken Malaga   Ginisang Gulay with Pritong Samaral   Malaga ken Marungay, Samaral at Malungay   Dinengdeng with Inihaw na Tilapia   Dinengdeng with Inihaw na Bangus   Buridibud, Dinengdeng a Alukon ken Patani   Dinengdeng with Beef Soured with Tamarind   Dinengdeng, Labong, Saluyot at Sigarillas   Dinengdeng, Green Leafy Version   Upo, Tabungaw nga Buridibud   Saluyot at Labong   Dinengdeng Cooking your favorite Pinoy vegetable dish is not limited to basic ingredients it would be good to tweak

Ginisang Alukon with Ampalaya at Talong

Ginisang Alukon with Ampalaya at Talong . For some reason I like this alukon, I just can resist buying some whenever it is available in my favorite supermarket the South Supermarket in Filinvest Alabang . I just buy it and decide later on how to cook it. Ginisang Alukon with Ampalaya at Talong came out as I was thinking on how to cook the alukon that was sitting in the ref for 2 days. It is simple, yes it is not a new dish, but it was the first time that I cooked ginisang gulay with alukon . It would have been best if I had some shrimp but I have to settle with pork to top my Ginisang Alukon with Ampalaya at Talong . Here is the recipe of my Ginisang Alukon with Ampalaya at Talong . Ingredients: 100 grams pre-boiled pork, cut into thin strips 2 cups, alukon, trimmed 3 medium sized long eggplant, trimmed, cut into thin strips. 2 medium sized ampalaya, trimmed, deseeded, cut thinly-crosswise 1 medium size tomato, chopped 1 small sized onion, peeled, chopped 2-3 clov

Pansit Lechon

Pansit Lechon . Pans it  and Lechon are two of the most popular Pinoy dish in on Fiesta and on special occasion or celebration . I thought why not make a single special Fiesta dish by combining the two. Let me share to you my version of Pansit Lechon , to make this dish very special I have cooked pansit noodles with real Lechon , instead of the Pansit with Lechon Kawali toppings. This Pansit Lechon may be a bit oily and laden with cholesterol but who cares, once in a while we have to satisfy our cravings for good food. To make my Pansit Lechon I used pansit cantoon noodles cooked basically the same way with my Ginisang Pansit Canton , if you want to try and already have your own recipe and preferred ingredients for Pansit Canton go ahead use it as your base recipe. For Lechon I used Lydia’s Lechon bought at a Mall outlet. When you are in Metro Manila or any major Cities in the Country sourcing Lechon should be no problem at all, however for our readers Overseas

El Nido, Island Hopping - Palawan Food Trip Part 1

El Nido, Island Hopping - Palawan Food Trip Part 1 . I would like to take a break on posting recipes. This time I want to share in pictures our El Nido, Island Hopping Food Trip . By posting our El Nido, Palawan Island Hopping Trip , I hope in a way it could help our readers who are planning to go to El Nido . Last December we finally have change to go to El Nido, Palawan on an island hopping adventure. The El Nido, Palawan Trip was supposed to happen this year. We originally have planned to first visit Coron and Calauit, Palawan with a side trip to the Underground River in Sabang . But then because Coron was directly hit by super typhoon Yolanda we decided to take the El Nido trip instead and hopefully go to Coron and Calauit this year. I will not be posting so much on the island hopping experience on this blog that is reserved for a posting on our travel blog, Overseas Pinoy Travels . Instead I am only highlighting the food experience and adventures on our stay at

Cheesy Lumpiang Shanghai

Cheesy Lumpiang Shanghai. The use of cheese in Pinoy cooking has become common. Cheese is being added to some Pinoy dishes that our grandparents would not imagine during their time. In fact I have some of my recipes in the archives that I have tweaked with the addition or adding extra amount of cheese . Click the links below to find the recipes of some of the Cheesy dishes that I have made. Cheesy Pineapple Chicken Cheesy Baked Embutido Cheesy Pinoy Lasagna Making a  Cheesy Lumpiang Shanghai  is not much different from your ordinary  Lumpiang Shanghai recipe  if you already have one. All you have to do is add generous amount of cheese, I just used cheddar cheese, I am not too sure it quick melt cheese will work it may just melt and ooze out from the wrapper and burn during frying. Roll the  Cheesy Lumpiang Shanghai  in a manner that the fillings are sealed, use large  lumpia wrapper  this will effectively seal the ends of the rolls. For those who love cheese here

Lumpiang Hubad, Naked Spring Rolls

Lumpiang Hubad, Naked Spring Rolls . Lumpia or Lumpiang shanghai is the Pinoy version of Vegetable Spring Rolls . The vegetable ingredients varies and dependent on the available vegetables or on one’s personal choice of vegetables. Lumpiang Hubad, Naked Spring Rolls is the version without the spring roll wrapper. It served with rice as a vegetable viand topped with Pinoy Style Peanut Sauce similar to the topping sauce of Fresh Lumpia, Lumpiang Sariwa , another version of Vegetable Spring Rolls , fresh because it is serve without deep frying the rolls, and serve with the Pinoy Special Peanut Sauce . Cooking is basically the same with any vegetable spring rolls which involves sautéing and stir-frying the ingredients together. A word of caution, because of the large selection of vegetable ingredients watch out for the quantities, I myself most of the time end up cooking more than what we can eat because of the desire to add every type of vegetables that are at hand. The good thing