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Pork Loin in Ginger Soup, Tinolang Lomo

Pork Loin in Ginger Soup is my version of tinolang baboy or tinolang lomo. Up north, in Ilocos the dish is just called lomo. In the original recipe, strips of pork loin sautéed with ginger are quickly boiled with water. Lomo soup is usually served at breakfast. This is a common practice when ever a hog is slaughtered at home backyards during fiesta celebrations. Slaughtering starts at pre-dawn, by early morning the pork loin are taken out and cooked for a warm soup breakfast for the butchers and cooks for the occasion.

For my lomo soup version I cook it tinola style using chayote and topped with chili leaves. This is a good alternative to a regular chicken tinola, it is very quick to prepare and very healthy. Here is the recipe.
1 kilo pork loin, cut into serving pieces 2 large size chayote, cut into wedges 2 thumb size ginger, cut into strips 1/2 head garlic, chopped 1 medium size onion, chopped 3-5 pcs. siling haba 1 bundle dahon ng sili, chili tops 2 tbsps. peppercorns …

Spaghetti with Clam and Shrimp in White Sauce

Spaghetti With Clam and Shrimp in White Sauce. I love pasta with sea foods, I would prefer spaghetti with seafood over the regular spaghettiwith meat sauce when ever I get the change to eat in a pasta restaurant. As a manifest, I have already posted several spaghetti with seafood, like the classic spaghetti marinara, a tuna carbonara, spaghetti with clams and the novel spaghetti with sardines.

Today I would like to share my version of white sauced seafood spaghetti. I used evaporated milk and all purpose cream as the base of the white sauce. It is flavored with the broth from boiling the clams. The white wine can be omitted, use a good quality cooking oil if butter or olive oil is not available.

Should you want to toss the spaghetti pasta during the final cooking stage then omit the cornstarch sauce thickening. Here is the recipe enjoy.
1/2 spaghetti, cooked al dente 1 kilo large size halaan, clams 1/2 kilo medium size shrimps, shelled 1 large can button mushroom, sliced 1…

Corned Tuna Omelet

Corned Tuna Omelet. Corned tuna is the latest addition to the caned tuna products that has now caught the attention of Pinoy consumers. This is probably because of the intensive advertising campaigns of the two brands that produce corned tuna. Lately a manufacturer of a caned corned beef has also jump into the band wagon which is trying to imply that the term “corned” is for corned beef, the fact is corning is a process of curing game meats with salt/brine. Never the less in my personal opinion the corned beef comparison has generated more curiosity to the consumers which is bringing more people to the canned food shelves of supermarkets.

Surfing the nett for a method on how to cook or serve corned tuna will mostly return results in gourmet style cooking methods and preparations. For the benefit of my readers who are generally looking for a simple and practical cooking method of canned tuna or corned tuna in particular here is a simple recipe of a corned tuna omelet.


1 sma…

Laing at Daing, Laing with Dried Fish

Laing at Daing, Laing with Dried Fish. I love my laing cooked with dried fish. Both taro leaves and dried fish are best cooked with coconut milk. With this combination I could consume several serving of rice. Cooking is as simple as my previous post of laing, except for the addition of ginger and onion, I simmered my coconut milk together with the aromatic ingredients and bagoong alamang before adding the taro leaves.

The gabi leaves are simmered at low heat with out disturbing or stirring for the first 20 minutes. To wash off the salt and lessen the saltiness of the dried fish it should be soaked for at least 15 minutes or more.

For this recipe I used a meaty dried labahita fish but any dried fish will do, however I recommend a meaty dried fish. Here is the recipe.


150 grams dried gabi leaves
250 grams dried labahita or any meaty dried fish
soaked and rinsed, cut to serving pieces
1/4 cup bagoong alamang 2 cups coconut milk, kakang gata
4-5 cups coconut milk
1 thumb size …

Tortang Patatas, Potato Omelet

Tortang Patatas, Potato Omelet is one breakfast viand that is cheap, very filling and nutritious, it’s a common fare to most common Pinoys especially during hard times. Tortang patatas is a regular breakfast dish in our table, not that I am being frugal but it has become one of the comfort foods that I enjoy. It is best served with garlic fried rice and with patis and kalamansi dip. Potato omelet can be cook in any manner, However I wanted it cooked similar to my previous torta recipes, cooked in low heat to a cake like omelet.


2 large size potato, diced
6 large size eggs, beaten
1 medium size onion chopped
cooking oil

Cooking procedure:

In a pan quickly stir fry onion, remove from pan and keep aside. Using same pan pour 1/2 cup of water and add in potatoes and simmer at medium low heat until tender and most of the liquid has evaporate. Remove from pan and place in a big bowl. Pour in the beaten eggs and mix thoroughly. Season with salt to taste. Heat oil in same fryin…

Pork Bistek

Pork Bistek. Bistekis normally cooked using beef, however other type of meats and even fish can be used. In fact I have already posted a version using bangus belly, click here and tanguige slices, click here. For my pork bistek I have used pork loin as they don’t require long time to cook. Other pork cuts can also be used but the cooking or simmering time should be adjusted accordingly. Cooking procedure is basically the same with bistek using beef.

The pork are sliced to desired thickness and marinated in soy sauce and kalamansi for at least half an hour before frying, just make sure that the pork are not over fried this is the most common mistake when cooking bistek. Over fried or over cooked meats will become tough and dry. I suggest also that the onions should be stir fried first before adding to the fried and simmered meat to retain its crunchiness and flavours. Here is my recipe for pork bistek enjoy.
1/2 kilo pork loin, cut into thin slices 2 medium size onion, slic…

Pork and Vegetable Stirfry

Pork and Vegetable Stirfry. This stir fry dish is more popular with the use of beef. However using pork is equally as good. Since this is a quick to cook dish it is best to use lomo or pork loin as they cook fast. Cooking is basically the same with all of my other stirfried dishes. I would suggest using high heat and using a wok in cooking the dish for best results. Of course a prying pan can be used if there is no wok at the kitchen. Stirfry cooking also requires the use of more oil. This will make it easier to cook the meat which is marinated in cornstarch and the vegetables. The extra oil also makes an oily thick sauce which adds glaze to the dish instead a runny sauce.
1 pc. pork loin, about 1/2 kilo, sliced thinly 1 small size broccoli, cut into serving pieces, stem thinly sliced 1 small size cauliflower, cut into serving pieces 1 medium size carrot, sliced 100 grams sitsaro, trimmed 1 large size bell pepper, julienne 1 large onion, coarsely chopped 1/2 head garlic, chopped 1 t…

Chicken and Ham with Cheese Rolls, Chicken Cordon Bleu Rolls

Chicken and Ham with Cheese Rolls, Chicken Cordon Bleu Rolls. Most of you have provably seen or tasted the spring roll version of the chicken cordon bleu. It is most likely at a party that you have attended recently. This finger food is now getting popular at party celebrations. Chicken cordon bleu is a breaded fried chicken breast with ham and cheese filling that is usually imbedded or rolled in chicken breast. It is usually served in slices to reveal the layers of the ham and cheese filling. The spring roll version uses lumpia wrapper to wrap the thin sheets of chicken breast, sweet ham and cheese stick. The rolls are dipped in a wrapping batter then are rolled in breadcrumbs before deep frying. Chicken and ham with cheese rolls are cut crosswise into serving sizes to reveal the visually appealing layers of the filling. Here is my version enjoy.


3 large skinless chicken breasts, de-boned
10 pcs. sliced sweet ham, each slice divided into 4 strips
1 block quickmelt cheese,…