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Braised Lamb, Pinoy Style

Braised Lamb, Pinoy Style . Most Pinoy would avoid lamb for a dinner but today I want to share a good recipe of lamb that worth trying if you are and overseas Pinoy. Yes I said overseas Pinoy , lamb is not readily available back home in the Philippines. Lamb may be available in some bigger supermarkets and meat shops in Manila but most likely it is overpriced. While lamb is readily available in most supermarkets overseas including here in Australia , most Pinoy would probably avoid it and would prefer to by pork instead. This is not the first time that I have posted a Pinoy inspired lamb recipes here at OPC . Check the link below to see the recipes should you are trying to find a Pinoy lamb recipe for your next dinner. Lamb Kaldereta, Batangas Kaldereta Style Fried Lamb Chops with Vinegar Garlic Chili Dip Lamb Adobo Here is the recipe of my Braised Lamb, Pinoy Style. Ingredients: 1 Kilo leg of lamb, cut crosswise 1/2 garlic, crushed 2 thumb size ginge

SBS Food Safari - Filipino Episode

Food Safari is a popular Australian food series program aired on SBS TV presented by Maeve O'Meara . The TV program covers cuisine from a particular culture of Australia's immigrants. SBS Food Safari - Filipino chicken adobo recipe SBS Food Safari - Mixed vegetables pinakbet SBS Food Safari - Halo-halo recipe SBS Food Safari - Rice noodles with prawns (pancit palabok)

Ginataang Pitik with Spinach, Slipper Lobster in Coconut Milk with Spinach

Ginataang Pitik with Spinach,  Slipper Lobster in Coconut Milk with Spinach . This is my second version of slipper lobster cooked in coconut milk the Pilipino way. In my previous Ginataan Pitik I used assorted vegetables, for today I used baby spinach. It would have been better if malungay leaves are available in my location here in Australia. How ever I have to innovate and use whatever vegetables that are available. This is not the first time that I used spinach in my ginataan recipes . I have used a lot of spinach in my Ginataan Manok with Spinach . Pitik is how most of us Pinoy call the slipper lobster . Slipper lobster is known as a cheaper alternative to lobster , it is even introduce as a lobster in some eating places or chefs to the not to informed diners. Never the less it is truly a good substitute of the real lobster for most of us who can not afford one. Here is the recipe of my Slipper Lobster in Coconut Milk with Spinach, Ginataang Pitik with Spinach

Kinalabasang Sugpo

Kinalabasang Sugpo is similar to my Suam na Kalabasa at Hipon, Kinalabasang Hipon . Cooking is basically the same. I did not have the right Pilipino vegetables for this dish so I have to use vegetables that are available in my present location.  I have to use pumpkin instead of the  Pinoy squash , for the green leafy vegetable ingredients I have to use baby spinach which was the only leafy vegetable available at the time of cooking. Now if you are lucky and similar  Pinoy vegetables  are available in your location or perhaps you are in the  Philippines  then use  kalabasa and kangkong  instead.  Now if you have  malungay leaves  that would be perfect. Here is the recipe of my  Kinalabasang Sugpo . Ingredients: 1/2 kilo medium size prawns, pre-cooked 1/4 medium size squash, peeled, de-seeded, sliced 1 large packet baby spinach 2-3 red/green long chili 3-4 cloves garlic chopped 1 small size onion, chopped 1 small size tomato chopped 1/4 cup fish sauc