Special Beef Kaldereta

Special Beef Kaldereta.Kaldereta is the most popular celebration dish. I have to include it on my celebration dish list for this holiday season for the reason that it is one of the most numbers of queries at this time.

I have already posted kaldereta recipe. Click hereto see all. But all those recipe uses commercial kaldereta mixes.

To my overseas readers who cannot find those kaldereta mixes and those that wanted to cook kaldereta from the scratch here is how I cooked it.
1 kilo beef spareribs 1/2 cup chicken liver, fried, massed in to paste 2 medium size red bell pepper, cut into 1” square 2 pcs. whole sweet pickle, sliced crosswise 1 small can button mushroom 1/2 cup grated cheddar cheese 1/2 tsp. ground peppercorns 2 medium size onion, chopped 1/2 head garlic, chopped 1/4 cup vinegar 1 cup green olives 1 cup tomato sauce 1/2 tsp hot sauce 3 bay leaf salt
Cooking procedure:

Marinate beef meat with vinegar, a dash of salt and pepper for 5 to 10 minutes. Drain marinade and…

How to Break Down a Whole Fish

MasterChef Australia· 
How to Break Down a Whole Fish

The king of fish breaks down a kingfish, "Tanguige".
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Pork Stirfry with Mushroom

Pork Stirfry with Mushroom. One of the costlier pork cut is the tenderloin. Pork tenderloin or “Lomo” is a long boneless pork cut about medium size soft drink bottle. The tenderloin contains very little fat, it is very tender but will taste dry if overcooked it doesn’t have any fat to keep it juicy as it cooks.Because tenderloin cooks fast, it is good dish for strifry and for people in a hurry. Today I would like to share another quick stirfry recipe our Pork Stirfry with Mushroom.  Cooking is fairly easy, the pork tenderloin is just marinated with soy sauce and cornstarch for at least 15 minutes. The rest of the cooking involves stirfrying all the ingredients together which take about 15 minutes.
Here is the recipe of our Pork Stirfry with Mushroom. Ingredients:
1 piece (1/2 kilo) pork loin, cut into strips  1 small can sliced button mushroom, drained  1 thumb size ginger, cut into thin strips  2 large size onion, sliced  2 tbsp. soy sauce  2-3 tbsp. oyster sauce  1 tsp. sugar  1/3 cup cornstar…

Vigan Longganisa, Alamin ang tradisyunal na paraan sa paggawa ng Vigan longganisa!

Pinas Sarap: Alamin ang tradisyunal na paraan sa paggawa ng Vigan longganisa!

Vigan longganisa, paano nila ito ginagawa ng walang ginagamit na makinarya.

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Dinengdeng with Inihaw na Isda, Inihaw na Samaral

Dinengdeng with Inihaw na Isda, Inihaw na Samaral. Dinengdeng is a simple Ilocano boiled vegetablewith bagoong na isda dish. It is usually made up of a medley of garden vegetables that are in season. Kinds of vegetables are usually the vegetables mentioned on the folk song Bahay Kubo, no Baguio vegetables, like cabbage, carrots, coolly flower, ect. The combination of vegetables is limitless, use any vegetables that are available at the time of cooking.

Dinengdeng is usually topped with grilled fish, or sometimes fried fish, but mostly grilled fish. It is a healthy vegetable dish, except perhaps for the extra salty bagoong which Ilocano love. 
The recipe below is just a guide, there are no hard rules on the quantity and type of vegetables used. The grilled fish topping may not be the grilled samaral on the recipe, any inihaw na isda is suitable. 
Here is the recipe of my Dinengdeng with Inihaw na Isda, Inihaw na Samaral. 
1 big bowl of combination but not limited of the follow…

Tahong Lugaw

Tahong Lugaw. I had this cooked mussels form the supermarket, it is shelled and ready to eat. In Australia and perhaps in other places pre-cooked and marinated mussels are served as appetizer or ingredient for salads. I thought I could use it on my next Pinoy Lugaw/Porridge Dish. Tahong or mussels are best cooked with lots of ginger, so with Lugaw or Arroz Caldo therefore tahong as main meat ingredient to Lugaw should be alright. First I have to the green mussels was drained, then sautéed with the usual Lugaw or Arroz Caldo aromating ingredients. I have to keep aside the green mussels then added on the final stage of cooking. Green mussels or tahong when overcooked tends to be rubbery. To our readers who are located on places that precooked mussels are not available, the Fresh Tahong can be used, you have the option to cook it with shell on or the mussel meats are taken off from the shells. However I would cook it with the shield already discarded. Cooking the porridge rice for our Taho…

Pinoy Ham Bone Macaroni Soup

Pinoy Ham Bone Macaroni Soup. There is someHam Bones sitting in the ref. for some time now. Today I decided to make a Macaroni Pasta Soup out of the Ham Bones. Ham bones will make great soup dish, the only problem is Ham Bones require to be slow cooked for hours to extract the flavors from the already dried out meats from the bones.  Cooking should be fairly easy except of course for the extra cooking process of pre-boiling the Ham Bones and shredding of the meats off the Ham Bones.Here is the recipe of my Pinoy Ham Bone Macaroni Soup. 


1 ham bone with some meats, saw cut to pieces
2 small size carrots, peeled, cut to wedges
1 large onion, peeled, diced/chopped
2-3 stalks celery, trimmed, chopped
2-3 stalks leeks, trimmed, chopped
1/2 head garlic, crushed
1/2 tsp. crushed black pepper

500 grams Elbow macaroni pasta, cooked as per package instructions
1 cup mixed vegetables
1 small chorizo, cut into thin slices
1/2 head garlic, peeled, crushed, chopped
1 medium size onion, p…

Vigan Bagnet, Paano magluto ng bagnet ng mga Ilocano

Pinas Sarap: Paano magluto ng bagnet ng mga Ilocano!

Kapag pumunta ka sa Ilocos, hindi puwedeng aalis ka nang hindi nakatitikim ng masarap nilang bagnet! Paano nga ba magluto ng bagnet ang mga Ilocano? Alamin 'yan sa video na ito!

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Roast Pork Belly, Pork Belly Lechon sa Oven

Roast Pork Belly, Pork Belly Lechon sa Oven. Today I want to share a simple roasting method of Pork Belly, Pinoy lechon style.  This is much simpler than my previous oven lechon dishes that we have cooked in the fast. Check my previous roast pork dishes by clicking the list link below.See other Pork Lechon recipes;

Pinoy Rack of Pork, Lechon Kawali Style
Lechon sa Oven Inasal Style
Roast Pork Leg, Pinoy Lechon Style
Balamban Liempo
Lechon sa Oven
Lechon Macau
Vigan Bagnet
Lechon Kawali

For our meat ingredient I used pork belly that is usually used for Lechon Kawali. For this dish I used 1 kilo pork belly slab. For the aromatic and seasoning I kept it simple and minimal. I used some five spice powder, garlic, some paprika and tanglad, seasoned with salt and pepper.
Here is the recipe of my Roast Pork Belly, Pork Belly Lechon sa Oven.Ingredients:
1 kilo Pork Belly, for lechon kawali cut  1/2 head garlic, peeled, crushed, chopped  2 tbsp. garlic powder  1 tbsp. paprika powder  1/2 tbsp. five spice pow…

Pork Binagoongan sa Gata

Pork Binagoongan sa Gata. I have already a few post of Binagoongan dish in the archives.  But for today we are going to make Pork Binagoongan with Gata. This Pork Binagoongan sa Gata recipe may be similar to some version of Bicol Express, on some ingredients because of the addition of coconut cream to the recipe. But if you are actually looking for a recipe of Bicol express we have several versions in the archives, just click the Bicol Express link to check them out. Our Pork Binagoongan sa Gata recipe is basically similar to our Binagoongan Recipes that we have already posted here at OPC. The only difference is of course the addition of coconut cream and using more chilies for added kick. Gata dishes are best cooked with extra hotness.
Here is the recipe of my Pork Binagoongan sa Gata.

1 kilo pork liempo or any other part, cut into big cubes  1/2 cup bagoong alamang, cooked unsweetened  1 large size onion, peeled, coarsely chopped  2 large size tomato, coarsely chopped  1/2 hea…

Pinapaitan with Tanglad

Pinapaitan with Tanglad. This is the first time that I added tanglad to my papaitan. I have read somewhere that some versions of papaitan in the Visayas and Mindanao uses tanglad to remove the gamely taste of the beef innards, and of course for added flavor.  Tanglad is widely used in the Visaya dishes, tanglad is the main aromatic ingredient of their famous tinowa dishes, the closest to dish to papaitan is their paklay  beef or pork innards and vegetables that they cook with ginger and  tanglad. Today I have to try this Southern version of Papaitan Baka, Pinapaitan with Tanglad.

Here is the recipe.


1 kilo beef innards, papaitan set from wet markets
1/2 cup diluted beef bile
1 head whole garlic
1 thumb size ginger, crushed
3 thumb size ginger, skinned, cut into strips
1 head garlic, peeled, crushed, chopped
2 medium size onion, peeled, chopped
1 bundle spring onion, trimmed, chopped
2-3 stalks, tanglad, trimmed, tied into a knot
2-3 siling labuyo, chopped
2-3 green chili, …