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Ginataang Pugita, Baby Octopus in Coconut Milk

Ginataang Pugita, Baby Octopus in Coconut Milk . This has been in my “to cook” list since I’ve seen these baby octopus at Woolworths supermarket. Today I finally have the change to cook the dish for lunch. This one is fairly easy and quick, octopus should be cook really quick otherwise they become rubbery and tough. For the coconut milk I used canned, I still do not know where to find fresh ones. I used the Australian brand, it turns out great compared the Thailand brands that I have tried before. I used half a kilo baby octopus already cleaned and ready to cook. Here’s how I cook my baby octopus in coconut milk. Ingredients: 1/2 kilo baby octopus, cleaned 1 1/2 cup pure canned coconut milk 1/2 head garlic, crushed, chopped 1 medium size onion, chopped 1 thumb size ginger, cut into thin strips 2-3 green and red hot chili pepper, cut diagonally 1 small lemongrass, crushed, tied into a knot salt and pepper cooking oil Cooking procedure: In a sauce pan sauté garli

Lamb Chop Adobo

Lamb Chops Adobo , lamb is one popular meat here in Australia , and they are readily available. To most Pinoys lamb is it probably the last choice of meat. This is for the reason that lamb has that pungent aroma “ ma-ango ”, especially the meat from older lambs , and these are the type of lambs that are sold in the Philippine market. If prepared right lamb is a great meat, the meat is sweet. Personally I learned to love lamb. I have tried lamb from shwarma, roast, curry to grilled.  To those who like lamb I would like to share my lamb adobo that I have prepared for today’s dinner. I have chosen trimmed lamb chops, the fats have been removed, all that is left on the chops are lean meat. Discarding the fats also reduced the “ ango ” taste and aroma. Ingredients: 1/2 kilo lamb chops, fats trimmed 1/4 cup soy sauce 1/2 cup vinegar 1 tbs. peppercorns 2-3 pcs bay leaf 1/2 head garlic chopped 1 thumb size ginger, cut into strips 1/2 head garlic, cr

Pork Adobo with Pineapple

Pork Adobo with Pineapple . Pineapple is one of the popular fruits here in Australia I regularly see them at Woolworths supermarket fresh produce section, they are even sold in halves. I though I could make an adobo with fresh pineapple served in pineapple shell/bowl . I grab one halve piece of fresh pineapple , bell pepper, pork, vinegar and soy sauce. This recipe is a bit fancy on the serving preparation. As I mentioned I wanted to serve it in a curved out pineapple shell/bowl. I used a small knife to cut out the shell outline then used a spoon to curved and scoop out the pineapple meat from the shell. It is a bit difficult to extract the pineapple meat in good solid chunks so some of the meats came out crumbled. Cooking is basically the same as any meat adobo . Here is how I made the dish. Ingredients: 1/2 kilo pork, cut in large cube 1/2 fresh pineapple, skin/shell on 1/4 cup vinegar 1/2 cup pineapple juice 1/4 cup soy sauce 1/2 head garl

Corned Beef with Mixed Vegetables

Corned Beef with Mixed Vegetables is quick and easy dinner dish to prepare after a busy day or for that early breakfast rush before work. Cooking procedure is straightforward and fairly easy. Just open your favourite canned corned beef, we Pinoys sure love our corned beef, sauté in garlic and onion with mixed vegetables and diced potatoes and you have a complete delicious dish. Some love their sautéed corned beef with a little broth which goes well with piping hot rice or a little dryer which best with garlic fried rice, the choice is yours just adjust the quantity of water to suit your preference. Enjoy. Ingredients: 1 260 g (1 cup) canned corned beef 1 cup mixed vegetables 1 small size potato, diced 1/4 head garlic, chopped 1 small size onion, chopped salt and pepper cooking oil Cooking procedure: In a deep frying pan sauté garlic and onion, add in potato and stir cook for 1-2 minutes. Now add in mixed vegetables and add in 1 cup of water bring to a boil and simm

Liver Bistek

Liver Bistek Tagalog Style is another popular karinderia Pinoy dish . It is an adaptation from the beef bistek Tagalog. The beef is replaced with pork or beef liver. When cooked right this dish is delicious, it is however an acquired dish to some. Cooking the liver bistek is basically the same with the usual bistek which uses beef. The slices of liver are first marinated with the mixture of soy sauce and kalamansi with garlic. For my version I discarded the marinade after used, I wanted to get rid of the unpleasant flavors of the blood that have washed off the liver to the marinade. After frying the livers it is also important that all the frying scum residue is remove from the wok, we do not want all those ugly bits sticking on the liver or floating in the sauce. Here is the recipe. Ingredients: 1/2 kilo pork liver, cut into thin slices 2 medium size onion, sliced into rings 1/2 head garlic, chopped 1 cup soy sauce 1/4 cup kalamansi juice 1 tsp. pepperc