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Special Sinsal Wrapped Embutido Recipe

Special Sinsal Wrapped Embutido Recipe This Embutido also is special, because I did not use any extender, it is pure ground pork, no breadcrumbs or any type of flour, the flour used for the recipe is used as a binder. Sinsal is the fats that wrapped around the kidneys of the pig. Traditionally sinsal was used to wrap embutido in the early days. Until lately aluminum foils are being used, now I have seen embutido that are made using plastic bags. This sinsal wrapped embutido is also posted in our Overseas Pinoy Cooking website. Baked Embutido Special Embutido Because sinsal will not hold the embutido mixture firmly in a stiff form, compared to aluminum the foil, where it will hold the embutido mixture together, even runny mixture. It is important that the embutido mixture should have as much as possible minimal liquid content. The ground pork should first let sit in a strainer and let the juices drip, especially when the ground pork was frozen. During mixing of the ingredients th