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Pork Menudo

This Pork Menudo Recipe is an improved version of the first menudo dish and one of the first Filipino food that that I have posted when I was starting this food blog. That old menudo recipe was a based on carinderia cooking method where the pork meat was pre-boiled. Today I would like to share an improved version which is more adoptable to the household kitchen.

The ingredients for my latest version of menudo were sourced here in Australia. I do not see any reasons that ingredients would be an issue should you are living overseasPork liver is more often available in bigger supermarkets, and definitely if there is a meat shop on your location. Hot dog have become an essential ingredient for menudo although you can make menudo without it, your favourite type of hot dogs or sausages can be used, for this pork menudo recipe I used cabanossi a red smoked sausage made up of pork and beef meats. This menudo recipe is more on the dry side compared to the menudo recipe that I have posted, b…

Pork Chop with Mushroom Beer Sauce

Pork Chop with Mushroom Beer Sauce. Several months ago I posted a similar recipe Pork Chop with Mushroom Sauce using Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom and a similar recipe Pork Chop with Mushroom and Oyster Sauce using bottled oyster sauce. Today I want to share another version with beer. A lager beer will add a distinct subtle bitter sweet flavour to a dish when used on cooking. Using beer in cooking is not new in fact I have some recipes which use beer in the archives. Beers are good alternative to wines which is perfect in Pinoy cooking, beer is readily available in the Philippines compared to wine.

The cooking method of my version of Pork Chop with Mushroom Beer Sauce is basically the same with my Pork Chop with Mushroom Sauce, obviously the only difference was the use of lager beer for the sauce. Should you have your own recipe of pork chop with mushroom sauce why not tweak it using beer for a change. Here is the recipe of my Pork Chop with Mushroom Beer Sauce.


1 1/2 kilo p…

Suam na Kalabasa at Hipon, Kinalabasang Hipon

Suam na Kalabasa at Hipon, Kinalabasang Hipon. Suam is traditionally made a soupy dish made up of corn kernels with some leafy vegetables, with pork and/or some shrimps. I have a few similar post in the archives if you want to try them.

Suam na Mais, Pinoy Corn Soup
Ginulay na Mais, Gulay na Mais

Today I would like to share a version using squash. This is not the first time that I cooked suam using kalabasa or squash/pumpkin. I have some kalabasa soupy dish on the archives just click the links if you want to try them as well.

Suam nga Karabasa, Kalabasa Soup
Ginisang Kalabasa at Talong

The cooking method my second version Suam na Kalabasa at Hipon or Kinalabasang Hipon is basically the same with the usual Pinoy vegetable dish wich involved sautéing the meat or seafood with the the aromatic ingredients, For today’s dish I used large size shimps suited with the aromatics garlic and onions before adding the vegetables for this particular one kalabasa. The soupy dish consistency depe…

Inihaw na Tawilis, Pusit, Talong, Okra at Sili

Inihaw na Tawilis, Pusit, Talong, Okra at Sili served with bagoong balayan with kalamansi, how is that for a lunch or dinner. Are you drooling now? To most Pinoyinihaw or grilled be it fish, vegetable or meat is something that make us hungry instantly. On this post I have a platter of grilled fish, squid and vegetable to offer. Grilled or inihaw na tawilis is one sought after dish in Batangas, towns around Taal Lake where the fish, a fresh water sardine are said to be only located. Tawilis are most often available at Shopwise at Festival Mall and South Supermarket both at Filinvest Alabang.

There is no real recipe for this post but for the benefit of those who are learning how to cook here’s how I made this platter of Ihihaw na Tawilis, Pusit, Talong, Okra at Sili.


1/2 kilo tawilis, innards removed, rinse drained
1/2 kilo large squid, innards removed, rinsed, drained
1 bundle green long chili
1 bundle okra, trimmed
2 medium size eggplant, pricked with fork at several locat…

Mama Sita’s Mix Beef Pinapaitan, Papaitan

Mama Sita’s Mix Pinapaitan, Papaitan. The availability Pinoy food mixes have made life easier to most Pinoy especially to overseas Pinoy who do not have access to essential ingredients of our favourite traditional Pinoy food. Use of these mixes are so popular and most could not cook without it, as consequence most Pinoy have now tend to forget how to cook our favourite traditional dishes from scratch. Setting aside this negative side of cooking using mixes, it does really help a particularly those who do not have the luxury of time cooking. I myself have several versions of kaldereta recipes and kare kare recipes that uses mixes.
If you are looking for more traditional way of cooking papaitan please click the link list below to check some of our papaitan recipes in the archives.
Pinapaitan with Tanglad
Mama Sita’s Mix Beef Pinapaitan, Papaitan
Papaitan Soured with Kamias
Papaitan Kambing / Pinapaitan Kambing
Papaitan Baka / Pinapaitan Baka

Today I would like to share another trad…

Beef Igado

Beef Igado. I have finally made a beef version of one of the Ilocano’s favourite igado. Igado is ususaly made up of pork meat, hearth, liver and kidney, cooked with some vinegar, soy sauce and aromatics similar to adobo. Click the following link should you want to see the recipes or pork igado and chicken igado on the archives. Beef innards here in Australia although not regular are most of the time available in bigger supermarkets, and most of the meat shops. Beef innards are more pungent compared to pork innards especially the liver.

Thru time I have manage to adopt a preparation and cooking method of the beef liver and kidney to significantly reduced that overpowering taste of beef liver. I have to initially slice the liver and kidney before anything else. Then thoroughly rinse with water until almost clear, rinsing with water will removed most of the blood and toxins that are inherently present on the liver and kidney, but of course keep the beef parts separated.

The liver and ki…

Seafood Tinowa, Towang Danggit, Shrimps and Clams

Seafood Tinowa, Towang Danggit, Shrimps and Clams. Tinowang isda is a popular fish soup dish in the Visayas. A choice of fish cooked soup style, the basic aromatic ingredients are onion, tomato, ginger and lemongrass flavoured with just salt. Sometimes some leafy vegetables are added. It is not unusual that shrimp and or clams are also added with the fish. Tinowa isda with pasayan and tuway results a very delicious seafood soup dish infused with flavours from the three types of seafood.

Cooking is basically the same with my other tinowa or towa dish. Here is the recipe of my Seafood Tinowa, Towang Danggit, Shrimps and Clams.


1 kilo medium size danggit,
1/2 kilo medium size shrimps or prawns
1/2 kilo clams
3 thumb size ginger, sliced
1 medium size onion, quartered
2 medium size tomato, quartered
2 stalks lemongrass, crushed
1 bundle leeks, cut into 2” length

Cooking procedure:

Place clams in a plastic container with lid, cover with water and let sit for several hours …