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Revisiting Vigan's Nostalgia and Cuisine, Day 1

Revisiting Vigan's Nostalgia and Cuisine, Day 1 . My regular visit to Vigan whenever I am on my home leave from overseas includes visiting relatives and rediscovering my childhood home’s splendour and cuisine. Going home to Vigan always rekindle old childhood memories and a time to satisfy cravings for authentic Ilocano food that are part of my childhood. My last visit was very tight which was timed on the weekend so that the whole family can come. We left Manila in the late hours of Friday night and back by Sunday night. The night trips to and from Vigan have reduced the travel time to about six to seven hours against the 12 to 14 hours on a day trip. The itinerary of places to visit were limited to places around Vigan and the adjacent town of Bantay . Inside the Vigan Cathedral We left Manila by 10:00PM there was occasional rain along the way and we were caught up on heavy traffic at EDSA , we however still manage to arrive Vigan by 6:00AM in time for the morni

Market Manila’s Zubuchon

Market Manila’s Zubuchon . Market Manila is one of the blogs that I have been following ever since I started to get interested in food blogging and that was about 5 years ago when I decided to create Overseas Pinoy Cooking . I admit I am one of the countless Pinoy food bloggers who continually and loyally visiting Market Manila . I have witnessed every new food experiment by the Marketman from his fruit jams to his experiment on leche flans, ect. and of course the evolution of Marketman’s Zubuchon, the “Best Pig Ever!” as described by Anthony Bourdain . Zubuchon On our recent food trip to Bohol and Cebu I finally had a firsthand try on Marketman’s now famous Zubuchon Lechon  at his One Mango Avenue Zubuchon Branch and was even very lucky to personally met Marketman himself who was at the restaurant at that time. ZubuchonMango Avenue Restaurant Branch At this point I would like to thank Marketman for the warm welcome and for being kind enough for suggesting the