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Mais at Patola, Sweet Corn and Luffa Vegetable Soup

Mais at Patola, Sweet Corn and Luffa Vegetable Soup . Corn is a delicious viand, usually made as soup dish, assortment of vegetables can be cooked with grated corn kernels for a very filling vegetable soup dish that will go with steaming hot rice . I already have posted vegetable soup dish, should you are looking for other cooking method just click on the link below to see the recipes. S uam na Mais, Pinoy Corn Soup Ginulay na Mais, Gulay na Mais Today I used patola and some eggplant in combination of grated sweet corn. The combination of patola and sweet corn is not new, some provinces in the Tagalog Region regularly cook young corn with patola or any other available for that matter. They are sometime called suam na mais or ginulay na mais . Cooking is fairly simple, here is the recipe of my  Mais at Patola, Sweet Corn and Luffa Vegetable Soup . Ingredients: 4 young corn in a cob 2 medium size patola, peeled, cut crosswise 2 medium size eggplant, sliced

Braised Ground Beef with Oyster Sauce

Braised Ground Beef with Oyster Sauce . Here is another experimental economically simple yummy dish using the lowly ground beef. Cooking is basically similar to Beef Pares or maybe to Braised Beef . The main difference is of course is economics therefore I used the minimum ingredients that are readily available in most Pinoy kitchen . The only extravagant ingredient as I could see is the used of oyster sauce. However should oyster sauce is not available then add just a couple of teaspoon sugar instead. Another ingredient that may not be available is the star anise, it can be substituted with some Chinese 5 Spice or a couple teaspoon of Hoisin sauce , any of these ingredients is a must otherwise the Chinese cuisine aroma of the dish could not be achieve. As a cheap but favourite extender is the addition of  hard boiled eggs .  Hard boiled eggs  are great with  braised meat dishes . Here is the recipe of my innovative  Braised Ground Beef with Oyster Sauce . Ingredients

Roast Pork Leg, Pinoy Lechon Style

Roast Pork Leg, Pinoy Lechon Style. Have you wished you could buy and try to cook those pre-cut roasting pork leg or shoulder sold in supermarkets? Those roasting pork leg are already prepared including some slit cut on the skin and even tied into rolled log ready to cook. Don’t be intimidated oven roasting of pork is dead simple, any newbie cook can  roast pork , all that is needed are some rubbing of choice of seasoning on the prepared roasting pork usually just salt then tuck in in a preheated oven with the right temperature and time plus a little patience. Today I would like to share on how I made a roast pork leg with crispy skin Pinoy style. This roasting method is proven, I have done it on several occasions even using whole pork head with great results. Here is the recipe of my version of  Roast Pork Leg, Pinoy Lechon Style . Ingredients: 1 medium size roasting pork leg bone in, about 2 to 2 1/2 kilo Fish sauce or salt Cooking procedure:

Braised Pork Leg with Tausi

Braised Pork Leg with Tausi is an alternative cooking method should you do not fancy or like the vinegary taste of paksiw na pata . I have not used vinegar for this recipe, instead the pork leg slices were slow cooked or braised with soy sauce, sugar and with star anise, as a final ingredient the braised pork leg was topped with salted black beans or tausi . The recipe is more like a Chinese style braised pork salty sweet and with that familiar aroma of star anise . Below are related braised pork leg recipe in the archives should you are looking for another similar recipe. Pata with Coke, Pork Leg Braised with Coke Pata Tim Braised Pork Leg with Hoisin Sauce Paksiw na Pata ng Baboy Here is the recipe of my version of Braised Pork Leg with Tausi , enjoy. Ingredients: 1 1/2 pork leg, pata, sliced/cut crosswise 1/2 cup tausi, salted black beans, drained and rinsed 1 head garlic, crushed 1/2-3/4 cup soy sauce 2 tbsp. oyster sauce 2-3 pcs. star a

Lomi, Hokkien Noodles Lomi Style

Lomi, Hokkien Noodles Lomi Style . Lomi is one of the most missed dish of overseas Pinoy for the reasons that the lomi noodles are not available on most overseas locations. There are of course some overseas Pinoy who are have access to Asian stores that sells the Lucky Me Instant Lomi Noodles but nothing is beats the real home cooked lomi . Today I want to share a lomi recipes using thick Hokkien noodles as an alternative to the traditional fresh lomi noodles that we used back home. This is not the first time that I used the thick Hokkien noodles for lomi , on my Seafood Lomi recipe I used thick Hokkien noodles . Fresh Hokkien noodles are normally available in the Asian section of most supermarkets, they are usually sold in vacuumed packed in either thin, thick or regular noodle thickness. Cooking is basically the same with my other  Lomi dish . Another must ingredient for a good  lomi  is  kikiam  which is not readily available when overseas, as a substitute