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Kinilaw na Bangus, How to Prepare Bangus for Kinilaw

Kinilaw na Bangus, How to Prepare Bangus for Kinilaw This KINILAW NA BANGUS was first posted on Overseas Pinoy Cooking several years back. Kinilaw na Bangus First have the fish vendor debone the fish. Of course you will need a fresh fish for kinilaw na bangus or any other kinilaw. I never trust the cleanliness of the palengke. I just ask the fish vendor to just debone the fish only, I will wash the fish my self. We do not want to introduce more bacteria to the now exposed meat of the bangus. Straight away upon arriving at home, wash and rinse the fish in running water. Do not over-wash or soak the fish with water. Immediately wipe dry the fish with kitchen paper towels or tissue. Keep in the refrigerator to chill or in a container with ice on plastic, until ready to slice or while preparing for the workplace and other ingredients. The working table should be dry and clean, remember we are preparing kinilaw dish.  Remove the head, tail, belly and other trimmings, including the skin. Use

Kamias Pineapple Homemade Jam

Kamias Pineapple Homemade Jam This KAMIAS PINEAPPLE HOMEMADE JAM recipe is another original from Overseas Pinoy Cooking. This is in inspired from an old post from our Overseas Pinoy Cooking  website. Kamias Jam, Ginger Lily Jam To make this level up version. I have added regular canned pineapple slices in addition to the kamias fruit. I have thought that kamias and pinya will make a delicious jam. I have followed the traditional method of extracting the juices from the kamias fruit. This is how we do it when I was younger in the province. Roll the kamias to extract the sour juices. Back then we used to roll the green kamias on top of our bamboo “papag” or long chair made up of bamboo. This way the juices just drop down the ground, the only thing was we used to soak the kamias with “apog” or lime powder. It’s supposed to make the kamias meat firmer. We are not doing that now. I wanted to make my Kamias Pineapple Homemade Jam with a lighter color or hue, instead of the very dark brown co

Baked Layered Biko Special, Sapin-Sapin

Baked Layered Biko Special, Sapin-Sapin This Baked Layered Biko Special, Sapin-Sapin is made-up of 3 layers of different types of biko. White Biko, Yellow Kalabasa Biko and Purple Pirurutong Biko. This recipe was originaly posted at Overseas Pinoy Cooking  few years back. Baked Biko Sapin Sapin Style To make this Special Biko, the biko  is made up of tree typed of biko rice. White  glutinous biko, yellow kalabasa biko and purple pirurutong biko. Making biko is not that easy because it requires a lot of stirring during cooking. But our biko recipes are initially cooked with rice cooker, some of the hard work are lesser. The only problem of this biko special version is that it is made up of 3 types of biko. Therefore all three types of biko are cooked separately, before being placed on a tray for baking. Another important note to remember is the biko rice should be cooked on the dry side. The biko should be firm for slicing. Best is served chilled, chiled before slicing. Ok here it is. I

Banana Blossom, Banana Hearth Burger, Burger with Mushroom Sauce

Banana Blossom, Banana Hearth Burger, Burger with Mushroom Sauce How to prepare and clean banana hearth or banana blossom this is in addition to our food recipe video today,  Similar to my other recipes, I have not added any MSG or any food enhancer, on my banana hearth burger patty. I wanted to see or taste what is the outcome of the recipe. All that I have added is Quaker instant oatmeal and banana ketchup to get the burger color close to meat burger. I wanted the banana blossom close to vegetarian, of course except for the eggs, dairy butter and mayonnaise. I do not have access or do not know where to purchase substitute ingredients. I have made my banana hearth burger patties   the size of quarter pounder.  This is a test if indeed banana hearth can be made into burger and not fried ukoy. I also have to pan grill the burger patties similar to a meat burger. Because of the extra size the burger has to be cooked a little longer and at low heat to avoid burning. Serve with my banana h

Baked Lukban Hardinera Special

Baked Lukban Hardinera Special  This is a non-traditional hardinera, baked hardinera instead the usual steaming. This baked hardinera recipe was first posted in Overseas Pinoy Cooking website more than 10 years ago. There are also other unconventional ingredients that I added both kind of ingredients and preparation. Dice pork, before boiling - diced the pork before boiling to keep the pork remains in cubes, cutting a tender pork is difficult specially if the pork is near disintegration. Chorizo - Added for flavor enhancement and smokiness with hind of paprika. Roasted Bell Pepper - Deepens the flavors with sweet smoky hint. Luncheon Meat - I would have preferred pork ham but it is not available, and of course costly. Luncheon meats are overly salty, look out the salt and fish sauce quantity. Use of Glass Baking Dish - Using glass instead of aluminum llanera , glass allow to view the beauty of the garnishing, plus  it allows more creativeness on  the garnishing. Baking - the resultan