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Nilagang Baboy with Bokchoy

Nilagang Baboy with Bokchoy . It has been a while since I updated this blog. I have been extremely busy with work lately. From now on I will try to post regularly. For a start in the tradition of OPC’s simple Pinoy food I would like to share the recipe of Nilagang Baboy with Bokchoy we had for dinner. I know it is straight forward to cook nilaga , but this is for the benefit of those who are learning how to cook or to those who are just surfing for a nilaga recipe . In fact I already have a similar recipe in the archives, Nilagang Baboy with Sweet Corn which basically is very similar with the difference of just the addition of sweet corn. Traditionally when in Manila we just use the Pinoy pechay which are best for the Pinoy nilaga dishes . Given my present remote location in Australia , vegetables are limited to whatever local vegetables that are in season. We are sort of lucky anyway since bokchoy has been constantly available in most Australian Supermarkets . The secr