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Baby Back Ribs, Pinoy Style

Baby Back Ribs, Pinoy Style. I would like to share my easy Pinoy version of Baby Back Ribs for this Holiday Seasons. Most would have thought that Baby Back Ribs served at classy steak restaurant would be difficult to make. My version is fairly easy and any novice cook can make it as long as you have an oven at home.

For this this recipe I used pork ribs rack which should be available in most large supermarket. And do not forget to remove the membrane underside the rib bones. For our dish today I bought it from my favourite supermarket, the South Supermarket in Filinvest Alabang, yes I am in Manila for my Holiday Vacation. For the Pinoy style marinade, to make it simple I used Mama Sita’s barbeque marinade plus some soy sauce, banana ketchup, kalamansi and chopped garlic.

Here is the recipe of my Baby Back Ribs, Pinoy Style.


1 pc. about 1.5 kilo pork rib rack, rib bone membrane removed cut in half
1 small bottle Mama Sita’s barbeque marinade
1/4 cup soy sauce
1/4-1/3 cup kal…

Pinoy Lengua Estofado

Pinoy Lengua Estofado may not be as popular with Menudo, Kaldereta or Afritada but it is a special holiday dish to those who have acquired the taste and texture of the ox tongue. This version is the closes Pinoy version of Lengua Estofado that I could think of. Sure there are other Lengua Estofado versions that use fancy ingredients but those are reserved for future post.

My version of Legua Estofado is cooked using the traditional cooking method of the Pinoy estofado with plantain banana and sweet potato.

Here is the recipe of my Pinoy Lengua Estofado.


1 small size ox tongue, about 1 kilo size
1 medium size carrot, skinned, sliced diagonally
3-4 pcs. plantain banana, peeled, sliced diagonally
3-4 pcs. plantain banana, peeled, sliced longitudinally, fried
3-4 pcs. medium sized sweet potato, skinned, sliced crosswise, fried
1 whole garlic, cut crosswise
1 large sized onion, quartered
5-6 pcs bay leaf
1 tsp peppercorns
1/2 cup soy sauce
1/2 cup vinegar
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup c…

Fish Menudo, Tuna Menudo

Fish Menudo, Tuna Menudo is our next 2014 Celebration’s Recipe that I would like to share. This dish is a non-meat alternative for your Christmas celebrations which most likely is a feast of meat dishes. For my Fish Menudo I used tuna for the reason that the meat of these types of fish is firm. The basic ingredients are similar to the regular Menudo except of course that we are using fish instead of meat.

Cooking method is adjusted since fish cook faster compared to meat. Fish Menudo, Tuna Menudo is another addition to our innovative menudo dish, click the links below to see the other versions of menudo on the archives.

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Here is the recipe of my Fish Menudo, Tuna Menudo


I kilo large tuna steak, cut into cubes
1 small block hard tofu, cut in to rectangles, fried and c…

Kare Kare

Kare Kare. It’s time to again celebrate Christmas it has been an OPC’s tradition to post as many special Pinoy Christmas dish for the Holiday Seasons. For our first 2014 Celebration’s Recipe I would like to share an easy to prepare and never go wrong Kare Kare dish. I have already cooked this on countless occasions in Australia using oxtail, yes I am back in Manila for the Holiday Seasons. For this recipe I used the local cow tail that you have been seeing hanging in the meat section of local public markets.

A lot of Pinoy use cow tail for their especial Kare Kare dish on Christmas. In fact Kare Kare is always an especial dish prepared on most Pinoy celebrations or special occasions and the Christmas Noche Buena dinner it is definitely one of talked about dish. See and click below other Kare Kare dish that on our archives if you are looking for another Kare Kare version.

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