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Oxtail with Mushroom and Oyster Sauce

Oxtail with Mushroom and Oyster Sauce . I just love oxtail no matter how it is cooked, braised or soup dish, you can never go wrong. To most Pinoy oxtail or beef tail are considered premium cut of beef . Beef tails are usually available in Metro Manila wet markets with skin on, I hope I could cook a Kare Kare dish using beef tails with skin on , that would be extra yummy particularly the gel like skin of the beef tails when properly cooked. Real oxtail can be found more often on bigger supermarkets in Metro Manila , usually imported from Australia and they do not come cheap, so with the beef tails with skin on sold in Metro Manila wet markets. There are already several recipes of oxtail on our archives that you can try should you are looking for oxtail dish just click the links below to see the recipes. Ginisang Munggo with Oxtail Kalderetang Buntot ng Baka, Oxtail Kaldereta Oxtail Sopas, Oxtail with Macaroni Soup Oxtail with Mushroom Sauce Sop Buntut, Sup Buntut,

Bistek Bulalo with Pineapple

Bistek Bulalo with Pineapple . This is my second version of my Bistek Bulalo , this time I have introduced another ingredient and tweaked the popular Pinoy bistek dish . The previous Bistek Bulalo was made using pre-boiled 2 inches thick saw cut bulalo cooked Pinoy bistek style with thicken/gravy like sauce. For my second version I omitted the pre-boiling part but I have to ask the butcher to saw cut the bulalo to about 1/2 inch this will facilitate easier frying. Cooking method still involved the usual marinating of the beef/bulalo with soy sauce, lemon and some garlic powder. The pineapple slices were seared to caramelized this was done after stir frying the union slices using the same cooking oil and frying pan which was also eventually used in frying the beef/bulalo slices. And finally all the ingredients including the remaining marinade and pineapple syrup was the cooked all together to infuse the flavours together. This one is a must try dish should you are looking for