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Oven Dried Beef Tapa

Oven Dried Beef Tapa .   It’s been a while since I we had the authentic Sundried Beef Tapa . Last week I happened to buy a 2 kilo cut of beef shoulder for roasting . Initially I thought of making a Pinoy Style Roast Beef , however because of my busy work schedules I end up making a Beef Pochero using half of the meat then decided to make an Oven Dried Beef Tapa on the remaining half. I already have an old Beef Tapa recipe on the archives but that recipe did not call for drying the tapa marinated beef, the recipe was made to just cure the beef in the refrigerator with the tapa marinade. Using similar recipe I tried to add another step of drying the marinated beef using the oven. It was not practical at this time to sundry the marinated beef strips due to health reasons. At this time of the year there are still hordes of flies outdoors, sun drying would be the last option not unless I have a wire mesh that would protect the beef strips from the flies. In the end I have to go with t

Chicken Adobo, Food Safari Chef Ricky Ocampo's Recipe

Chicken Adobo, Food Safari Chef Ricky Ocampo's Recipe . One of the recipes that intrigue me on the recent episode of SBS Australia TV’s Food Safari - Filipino Food Episode was the chicken adobo by Ricky Ocampo . On that episode Sydney cafe owner Ricky Ocampo shares his grandmother's recipe of chicken adobo . I was fascinated by his cooking method of chicken adobo which involves frying the chicken first before adding the soy sauce, vinegar and other aromatic ingredients. Below is the segment where Chef Ricky Ocampo shares in details how to cook his grandmother's chicken adobo . Today I tried to replicate Chef Ricky Ocampo’s Food Safari’s chicken  adobo . First of all I would strongly recommend using only the freshest chicken that you can buy. The aroma of the adobo cooking in our kitchen was very evident I tough even our neighbours would have smelled it. The chicken adobo was indeed taste good as claimed. The only negative comment is the final

Chicken Feet Asado, Braised Chicken Feet

Chicken Feet Asado, Braised Chicken Feet . Some of our readers would rather not have this kind of dish and for those who are then just skip this post and browse the archives for more Filipino food . This is my second version of the dish, there were a lot of comments on my first version of Braised Chicken Feet being very salty. I myself did not understand how it turned out too salty to a lot of our reader probably because of some salty soy sauce, some brands are indeed salty and some are not. The recommended amount was necessary for the reasons that we want our braised chicken feet as dark as possible. We do not want a pale colored chicken feet this will make the chicken feet more un-appealing. Another factor for the salty outcome of the first version of this dish was provably the quantity of the oyster sauce and chicken bullion, for this second version I have significantly scaled down quantity of these ingredients. I also added some star anise and hoisin sauce