Nilagang Saging na Saba, Nilagang Saba

Nilagang Saba
Nilagang Saging na Saba, Nilagang Saba is one simple comfort food that we used to enjoy when fast-food was not in our vocabulary. And to this date I could say that it is still a regular merienda in the countryside, Plantain bananas are abundant in the Philippines and they are always available in our city wet markets.

Banana-q, minatamis na saging and turon are the more popular method of cooking saba aside from nilaga. Nilagang saging is more associated as comfort food to most Pinoy especially during the rainy season.

One comport food with minatamis na saging ingridient is the Ginataang Halo Halo.

Nilagan saging is also peddled by street vendors along popular provincial bus routes and bus stations in the country, they are cheap, very filling and of course delectable. 

Cooking is very simple plantain bananas are boiled for with peel on.


12 pcs. saba, plantain banana.

Cooking procedure:

Boiled Plantain Bananas
Using a knife cut individual bananas out of its stem and trim. Place in a large pot and pour enough water to cover at least 1 inch above the bananas. Bring to a boil and simmer for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove from pot drain and let cool down. Serve warm or cold.

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  1. Your blog is one of those I visit regularly. How I wish you could also post videos on YouTube...

  2. hi where did you buy your saging na saba in australia?

  3. To Anonymous,
    This post was made last year when I was on leave/vacation. If you are looking for saging na saba I have seen some frozen boiled bananas/saba on some supermarkets and asian stores here in Australia I hope that would help.

  4. ilang bago masira ang saging na saba


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