Fresh Fruit Juices

Fresh Fruit Juices
Fresh Fruit Juices are very refreshing and a natural quencher. I love fruit juices I mean the natural un-adulterated or pure real juice. There is nothing more refreshing than the natural sweetness, flavors and aroma of fruits. It is next to impossible to find fresh pure juices at most Metro Manila food outlets and drinks stalls or kiosk. On several occasion I did try on a several kiosk at a mall most are even carrying popular brands and at popular restaurants I always end up with sugar and ice on the drink with lots of coloring and perhaps a spoonful of fruit puree or might even just a fruit essence.

Buko Juice

One exception is buko juice it is probably because of the abundance of coconut in the country. I could not forget that trip to a place in Mindanao where a piece of buko is P1.00. May be due to economic reason real pure fresh juices are not common to Pinoys compared to other countries. In Singapore pure fresh fruit juices are available at hawker centers or food court, a glass of watermelon or carrot juice is serve fresh from the juicer right in front of your eyes at a cost of S$2.00-S$2.50. Here in Abu Dhabi fresh juices are available at refreshment corners in every block, a glass of mango-banana puree or avocado puree topped with honey is serve fresh from the blender right in front of your eyes at a cost of AED5.00-AED8.00.

Watermelon JuicePineapple Juice

The cost of fresh fruits in Manila are exorbitant, you would not even bother to make them into juices why make all the troubles you might as well consume the fruits as is instead of throwing away all those pulp residue. May be fruit prices from the source, in the Province are cheaper then you could enjoy a daily treat of fresh fruit juice in season.

Apple-Carrot JuiceMelon Juice

The method of preparing and/or extracting fruit juices is fairly easy of course if you have the electrical blender or juicer. I you are having a blender all you have to do is peel, de-seed and cut the fruit into small pieces and put it a blender now if you are using a juicer you wouldn’t even need to peel the fruit just cut it into a manageable pieces and plunge it in the juicer and an instant fruit juice is separated from the fibers. Now do not worry if you do not own any of these electrical kitchen gadgets use the old fashioned way scrape, grate or shred the meat out of the fruit, We have been preparing buko, melon, avocado ect. ever since before the coming of this gadgets. The juices a prepared is as natural as it is I did not use any sweetening or coloring.


  1. Wonderful post.

    Well, kung sa probinsiya ka and you have a lot of fruit-bearing trees in your backyard, you can make juices all the time. The thing is, since wala sa kultura natin iyon (except for fresh kalamansi juice), people are not wont to drink fresh fruit juices. It's changing but the last time I was home in April, I tried very hard to make fresh fruit juices but no one touched it. They'd rather have those colored water ice candy more than a fresh suha (grapefruit) juice or even mango juice that came from real fruit. However, if it came from a can, ok lang. Because we are sanay to the taste of canned rather than fresh. Same thing with fruit salad. If you make fresh fruit salad in cream, no one will touch it. But if you open a can of Del Monte fruit cocktail and add cream to it ... wow ok yan.

    Oh, I like to make smoothies by adding ice in the blender.

    See here:


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