Pinoy Foods Glossary [ A - E ]

Adobo - Meat stew in vinegar. Made up of meat or in some version vegetable fish and seafood stewed in vinegar, garlic, peppercorns, bay leaf and seasoned with patis (fish sauce) or salt. Some version the meat is fried after stewing to seal in the flavors and most has evolved with the addition of soy sauce to enhance the flavor and a more vibrant tint.

Afritada - Meat stew in tomato sauce. Made up of either meat or in some version fried fish, sautéed and stewed in garlic, onion and tomato or tomato sauce with potato, carrot and bell pepper.

Arroz Caldo - Rice chicken porridge or congee. Made up of boiled glutinous and/or normal rice with chicken sautéed in ginger, garlic, onion and kasubha for the yellowish tint garnished with fried garlic and spring onion.

Atsara - Pickled fruits or vegetables.

Bagnet - Ilocano crispy fried pork similar to lechon kawali (pan fried). Deep fried slab of pork meat boiled with salt, peppercorns and bay leaf until tender, chilled and/or dried before frying, re-chilled and/or re-dried before frying once again for maximum crispiness.

Bam-e - Visayan sautéed canton (egg noodles) and or bihon (rice noodles).

Banana que - Deep fried banana (saba variety) coated with caramelized sugar served in bamboo skewer.

Bagoong - Fermented salted small fish or alamang (krill).

Balicutya, Balicutsa – A traditional candy made up of boiled sugarcane juice.

Batchoy - Mami noodle soup made up of broth/stock from boiled beef and pork bones, bagoong alamang (fermented salted krill), garlic, peppercorn, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, sugar and salt topped with strips of boiled pork offal/liver, chicken, shrimp, vegetables, boiled or raw egg, garnished with crushed pork cracklings, fried garlic and chopped spring onions.

Batso - Ilocano sautéed annatto flavored bottle gourd. Made up of diced upo (bottle gourd) in garlic, onion, tomato and patis (fish sauce) with diced meat or shrimp and flavored and colored with annatto seed extract.

Barbecue - Charcoal grilled meat cutlets in bamboo skewer. Made up of meat cutlets marinated in garlic, soy sauce, 7Up or Sprite and kalamansi (lemon) juice. Charcoal grilled in bamboo skewer. Baste with the marinade and cooking oil mixture during grilling.

Bibingka - Traditional Pilipino rice cake baked with charcoal fire placed both under and on top in banana leaves lined molds.

Bibingka, Royal bibingka - Ilocano rice cake. Made up of glutinous rice dough, milk, egg, sugar and butter/margarine topped with cheese and sugar baked in banana leaves-lined mould.

Bicol Express - Spicy pork and chili stew in coconut milk. Made up of pork and green chili sautéed in garlic and onion with bagoong alamang (fermented salted shrimp) and coconut milk. A Tagalog adaptation of the Bicolano gulay na lada and named after an express train to Bicol.

Biko - Traditional rice cake made up of glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk and sugar topped with latik (toasted coconut milk).

Bilo-bilo - Rice ball made up of galapong (glutinous rice flour dough).

Binakol - Chiken coconut ginger/lemongrass soup. Made up of chicken sautéed in garlic, ginger, patis (fish sauce) and onion boiled in coconut water with coconut meat, tanglad (lemongrass), peppercorns and talbos ng sili (chili tendrils). The authentic binakol was originaly cooked in bamboo tubes in open fire using native chicken with coconut water including meat strips and lemongrass seasoned with salt.

Binagoongan - Pork with fermented salted krill. Pork meat sautéed in garlic, onion and tomato stewed in vinegar, bay leaf and bagoong alamang (fermented salted krill)

Binatog - Boiled white corn kernel seasoned with salt and/or topped with sugar, grated coconut meat with butter or margarine.

Biscocho - Toasted bread. Made up of slices of bread with butter or margarine and sugar and oven toasted.

Bistek - Fried beef stewed in soy sauce and lemon juice marinade with onion rings. Made up of beef marinated in soy sauce, kalamansi (lemon) juice, black pepper and garlic stewed in its own marinade and garnished with stir fried onion rings. Coin named after the Western beef steak.

Bopis - Spicy offal stew in vinegar. Made up of diced pork or beef offal (lungs, spleen and hearth) sautéed/stewed in garlic, onion and in vinegar with black pepper, bay leaf, diced radish, carrot, chili and bell peppers flavored and colored with annatto seeds extracts.

Braised - Slow cooked with soy sauce. Beef, pork or chicken meat slow stewed in soy sauce and with aromatics like black pepper, bay leaf and sometimes vinegar and/or star anise.

Bringhe - Yellow rice with chicken cooked in coconut milk. Made up of glutinous rice and chicken sautéed in garlic, onion cooked in coconut milk and flavored with roasted bell pepper and turmeric powder for the yellow tint. Garnished with green peas and sliced boiled egg serve in banana leaf

Broas - Ladyfinger cookies.

Budbud Kabog - Milet in coconut milk roll in banana leaf. Made up of kabog (millet) cooked with coconut milk, sugar wrap in banana leaf and steamed.

Buffalo Chicken Wings - Large sized fried chicken wings.

Buko Pandan Salad - Chilled sweet dessert made up of buko (young coconut) meat strips, coconut gelatin and cubed pandan flavored gelatin with sweetened milk and creamer.

Buko Pie - Bake pie with filling made up of buko (young coconut) meat, milk, sugar and cooked in coconut water and thickened with cornstarch.

Buko Salad - Chilled sweet dessert made up of buko (young coconut) meat strips, coconut gelatin with sweetened milk and creamer.

Bulanglang - Boiled vegetables. Boiled assorted vegetables seasoned with salt to taste.

Bulalo - Beef bone marrow soup. Made up of beef shank (including bones with marrow, knee caps and tendons) boiled in peppercorn, onion seasoned with salt and garnished with spring onions.

Buro - Fermented fish.

Burong Manga - Picked green mango.

Buwad, Bulad - Visayan word for sun-dried salted fish. See daing na isda.

Calamares - Battered deep fried squid rings.

Calamay - Traditional rice flour cake jam made up ground glutinous rice, cane sugar, coconut milk.

Carioca - Deep fried bilo-bilo (ball made up glutinous rice dough) coated with caramelized sugar served in bamboo skewer.

Callos - Ox tripe and hock stew in tomato sauce. Made up of boiled tender ox tripe and hock sautéed/stewed in garlic, onion, chopped tomato and tomato sauce with chorizo sausage, olives, bell pepper, chic peas and seasoned with salt and pepper.

Carne Norte - Corned beef.

Cassava Cake - Made up of grated cassava root, milk, egg, sugar and butter topped with condensed milk and coconut milk cream mixture and cheese baked in banana leaves-lined mould.

Champorado - Cocoa flavored rice porridge.

Chili Crab - Spicy Crab in chili sauce. Is a less potent (chili hot) adaptation of a Singapore dish of the same name. Made up of large sized alimango (mud crab) sautéed in ginger, garlic, chopped sili (chili) and stir cooked with tomato sauce and beaten egg garnished with chopped wansoy (Chinese parsley).

Chicken Feet, Adidas - Braised chicken feet

Chicken Aloha - Chicken stew in pineapple. Made up of chicken marinated in 7Up sautéed in garlic, onion, tomato and patis (fish sauce) stewed in pineapple syrup with pineapple chunks, potato, bell pepper and flavored with evaporated milk seasoned with salt and pepper.

Chorizo de Bilbao - Savory pork sausage packed in paprika flavored lard.

Chopsuey - Stir fried mixed vegetable dish made up of meat and/or seafood sautéed in garlic and onion with the following but not limited choices of vegetables like snow pea, baby corn, sayote (chayote), cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms, carrots, cabbage, bamboo shoot, and celeryand quail eggs.

Coco Jam - Coconut jam.

Crispy Pata - Crispy fried pork leg. made up of pork pata (leg) boiled in salt, 7Up or Sprite, black pepper and bay leaf until tender. Chilled and/or dried before frying for maximum crispiness.

Curry (Pinoy Version) - Meat stew in coconut milk spiced with curry. Made up pork and or chicken sautéed and stewed in garlic, ginger, onion and coconut milk with curry powder, potato, carrot, green bean and pea bean seasoned with salt and pepper.

Daing - Fried marinated fish. Made up of butterflied fish in vinegar, garlic and crushed black pepper,some version includes soy sauce in the marinade.. Sundried salted fish. The more popular is daing na dilis.

Danggit - Rabbit fish, Sun-dried salted dangit.

Dila-dila - Boiled rice patty made up of galapong (glutinous rice flour dough) served with sugar, grated coconut and/or toasted linga (sesame seads). Literally means tongue like. See also Palitaw.

Dinakdakan - Ilocano chopped grilled pork face with chopped ginger, onion, chilies, cane vinegar, salt and pepper and with pork brain or mayonnaise dressing.

Dinengdeng - Ilocano boiled vegetables. Assorted boiled vegetables in bagoong na isda (fermented salted fish) and tomato topped with broiled or fried fish.

Dinuguan - Pork stew in vinegar and coagulated blood. Made up of pork offal/ innards, face or meat sautéed in garlic, onion and stewed in vinegar and coagulated pork bloodwith siling haba (green long chili).

Dried Mango - Sweetened dried mango.

Embutido - Meat loaf/roll. Made up of minced meat of either pork, beef or chicken with diced ham, bell pepper, carrots, pickled relish, raisins and grated cheddar cheese with boiled egg and hotdog core stuffing. Rolled in aluminum foil and steamed steam cooked.

Empanada, Vigan - Vigan empanada is made up of folded thin flat crust of freshly-rolled galapong (rice flour dough), filled with a mixture of grated green papaya, carrots, boiled monggo and togue and folded to form a soft shell shaped like a crescent. The special version is topped Vigan longganisa and an egg deep fried until crisp in a wok serve immediately with sukang Iloco (Ilocos cane vinegar), onion and sili (chili) dip.

Ensaimada - A sweet bread roll coated with butter or margarine dusted with sugar and grated cheese.

Ensalada - Vegetable salad. Made up of blanched vegetables with vinegar, sugar and salt dressing or with chopped tomatoes, onions and bagoong na isda (fermented salted fish).

Escabeche - Sweet and sour fish. Fried fish with sweet and sour sauce made up of sautéed garlic, ginger and onions, soy sauce and vinegar with strips or slices of bell pepper, carrot and celery or kinchay (Chinese celery).


Kai said...

I think adobo per se is just stewing in vinegar. The addition of soy sauce is a regional thing. In the Visayas and Mindanao, and even in Cavite adobo is just vinegar stew, with an added coloring.

Also in bulalo, the addition of vegetables is optional. Beef and vegetables in soup is usually nilagang baka.

For pakbet the addition of sahog - either grilled fish or the more luxurious bagnet, is also optional.

Anonymous said...

Thanks kai for the immediate response, your comments have been incorporated on the list.

Anonymous said...

kokopyahin ko po ito, ha. So that I will not run out of ideas on what to prepare for daily meals and for our gatherings. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi pinoy around the world, sure but take note that I am still in the process of building the list. Any sugestions or contributions is most welcome.


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