Pinoy Foods Glossary [ U - Z ]

Ukoy - Shrimp fritter. Made up of small shrimp in flour or cornstarch batter garnished with onion and/or spring onion, fried until crisp serve with vinegar, garlic and onion dip.

Utan - Visayan boiled assorted vegetables seasoned with salt to taste and topped with buwad (sun dried fish). Visayan word for vegetacbles.

Yema - A traditional sweet milk/egg jam made up of boiled condensed milk with egg yolk and flavored with vanilla. It is also made into balls coated with sugar.


Anonymous said...

sa batangas, ang batter na ginagamit sa ukoy ay ginadgad na kamoteng kahoy/cassava o kaya ay ginadgad na hilaw na papaya. dhors

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Jennifer
I love your website and recipes. I would love to make more of your recipes but there are some words that I cannot understand. I have to sometimes look at the picture and associate it with the word/ingredient to make it out. Could you please define the filipino words/ingredients to english? Thank you sooooo much!


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