Pinoy Foods Glossary [ P - T ]

Paella - Rice cooked in tomato sauce with chorizo sausage, meat and/or seafood. Is an adaptation of the Spanish Paella Valenciana. It is made up of rice cooked with sautéed chorizo, pork, chicken and/or shrimp, crab, clams or mussels in garlic, onion, paprika, and squid, salt and pepper with tomato sauce, roasted bell pepper, garnished with green peas and sliced eggs.

Paella Negra - Rice cooked in squid ink with seafood. Made up of rice cooked in squid ink with sautéed shrimp, crab, clams or mussels and squid in garlic, onion, paprika, salt and pepper with roasted bell pepper, garnished with green peas and sliced eggs.

Paklay - Visayan Pork offal/innards stew with bamboo shoot. Made up of sautéed pork offal/innards in garlic, onion, salt and pepper stewed with vinegar, cube pineapple and bell pepper.

Paksiw na Lechon - Roast meat stew in vinegar and liver sauce. Made up of leftover pork or chicken lechon (roast) stewed in vinegar and left-over liver sauce.

Paksiw na Isda - Fish stew in vinegarand ginger. Made up of fish stewed in vinegar, ginger, garlic, peppercorns and bay leaf sometimes topped with ampalaya (bitter gourd) and/or talong (eggplant).

Paksiw na Pata - Pork leg stew in vinegar and soy sauce. Made up of pork hocks stewed in vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, peppercorns and bay leaf until tender and pork skin turns to gelatin like texture with dried banana blossoms.

Pandesal - Pinoy breakfast bread/roll. Salt seasoned bread. Pan de sal - means bread with salt.

Palitaw - Boiled rice patty made up of galapong (glutinous rice flour dough) served with sugar, grated coconut and/or toasted linga (sesame seads). Literally means cook in boiling water until it float. It is sometime called dila-dila (tongue like).

Pansit Batil Patung – Tuguegarao local noodles made up sautéed bihon and canton (rice and canton) noodles with garlic and ginger topped hot dogs, chicharon, ground meat, fried egg, and vegetables.

Pansit Guisado - Sautéed noodles. Either egg noodles, rice noodles, miki noodles and/or vermicelli noodles cooked with sautéed pork, chicken, shrimp and other seafood in garlic onion, patis (fish sauce) and/or soy sauce with vegetables seasoned with salt and pepper.

Pansit Habhab - Lucban miki noodles eaten of a banana leaf. Made up of miki noodles with pork, liver, shrimp sautéed in garlic, onion, patis (fish sauce) and or soy sauce with pechay, sayote (chayote), sitsaro (snow pea) and carrot seasoned with salt and pepper. Serve in banana leaf with vinegar or kalamasi (lemon).

Pansit - Noodle dish.

Pansit Luglog - Rice noodles blanch in boiling water. Literally means noodles shaked in water. See pansit palabok.

Pansit Malabon - Malabon rice noodles with seafood. Made up of boiled thick rice noodles with palabok (shrimp sauce) made up ground pork, diced tokwa (firm tofu) sautéed in garlic, onion, patis (fish sauce) and shrimp broth with annatto. Garnished with vegetables, boiled pork, egg, shrimp, oyster, squid adobo, tinapa (smoked fish) flakes, crushed pork cracklings and fried garlic serve with kalamansi (lemon).

Pansit Molo - Wonton soup. Made up of boiled wonton dumplings filled with pork, chicken and/or shrimp with sautéed garlic, onions, seasoned with salt and pepper and garnished with spring onion and fried garlic.

Pansit Palabok - Rice noodles with shrimp sauce, Made up of rice noodles blanch in boiling water. Topped with palabok (shrimp sauce) made up of shrimp broth with annatto thickened with cornstarch. And with paalat (flavor) made up of ground pork, diced tokwa (firm tofu) sautéed in garlic, onion, patis (fish sauce) garnished with tinapa (smoked fish) flakes, crushed pork cracklings and fried garlic serve with kalamansi (lemon).

Papaitan - Ilocano offal/innards bile flavored soup. Made up of beef or goat offal/innards sautéed and boiled in garlic, ginger, onion and tamarind or vinegar, flavored with bile.

Pares - Literally “pair”, means serving of a combination of rice and viand meal usually meat dishes and sometimes fish, vegetables are an additional option to as side dish.

Pesa - Fish soup with ginger. Made up of fish boiled in rice washing water with ginger, oniouns, tomato and spring onion.

Piaya - An Ilongo flat unleavened bread filled with mozcovado (raw) sugar and topped with toasted linga (sesame seads).

Pinakbet - Ilocano slow boiled vegetables. Made up of assorted vegetables boiled until it shrivel in bagoong na isda (fermented salted fish) with tomato and ginger topped with bagnet (deep fried pork). Tagalog version is made up of assorted vegetables sautéed in garlic, onion, tomato and bagoong alamang (fermented salted krill) with diced or ground pork or beef and/or shrimp.

Pinais - Fish or shrimp wrapped in banana leaves steamed with onions, tomatoes and young coconut.

Pinangat - Slow stewed fish in bed of pork fats, vinegar or kamias (ginger lily) with ginger, garlic, crushed black pepper and salt until almost dry and oily.

Pinasingaw - Cooked in steam.

Pinaupong Manok sa Asin - Steamed chicken in a bed of salt.

Pinirito, Prito - Fried.

Pitchi-pitchi - Steamed cassava and pandan cake similar to puto but the dough is made up of cassava powder rice, sugar with green tint and flavored with pandan and steamed in cup cake moulds.

Pininyahang Manok - Chicken stew in pineapple. See chicken aloha

Pochero - Boiled beef in tomato sauce with unripe banana (saba variety) and assorted vegetables.

Poqui-poqui - Ilocano scrambled egg omelet. Made up of grilled chopped eggplant sautéed in onion, tomato and beaten egg seasoned with salt.

Pulutan - Appetizer. Food taken with drinks.

Puto - Steamed rice cake.

Puto Bumbong - Steamed in bamboo tube rice cake. Ground pirurutong (dark colored glutinous rice) molded and steamed in bamboo tube served with sugar and grated coconut.

Puto Pao - Steamed rice cake with braised meat filling.

Relleno - Either fish, seafood, vegetables or chicken stuffed with diced onion and tomatoes and minced meat with diced potatoes and carrots as extender.

Sago at Gulaman - Caramel flavored tapioca balls and gelatin cold drink.

Salabat - Ginger tea made up of boiled ginger root.

Salad - Chilled sweet dessert made up of cubed or grated fresh and/or canned fruits, cube flavored gelatin with sweetened milk and creamer. Raw or blanched vegetables serve with or with out dressing.

Sapin-sapin – Multi colour layered glutinous rice flour cake usually topped with grated coconut and latik (toasted coconut milk residue). Layer are composed rice cake flavoured with ube (purple yam), macapuno (coconut sport), langka (jackfruit) and kutsinta

Sardinas - Canned sardine fish in tomato sauce or oil. Colloquial name for any other canned fish.

Sarciado - Cooked with sauce.

Sarciadong Isda - Fried fish topped or cooked with sauce made up of sautéed garlic, onion, tomato, beaten egg (optional) seasoned with salt and pepper.

Sawsawan - Dipping sauce.

Siomai - Steamed dumpling with pork and/or shrimp filling.

Siopao - Steamed bun stuffed with braised meat or meat ball with or without boiled egg.

Sinaing - Steamed or boiled rice. Cooked or cooking rice.

Sinaing na Isda - Slow cooked/stewed fish in bed of pork fats, vinegar or kamias (ginger lily) with ginger, garlic, black pepper and salt until almost dry and oily. See Pinangat.

Sinanglao - Ilocano kamias and bile flavored soup. Made up of beef face, skin tendons, offal/innards and collagated blood stewed in ginger, onion and kamias (ginger lily) or vinegar and flavored with bile.

Sinampalokan - Chicken boiled in sour base broth using dahon at bulaklak ng sampalok (tamarind florets and tendrils) and flavored with patis (fish sauce).

Sinangag - Stir fried left over rice in sautéed garlic and onion topped with fried garlic and spring onion.

Sinigang - Meat or fish sour based soup. Made up of pork, beef or fish and other seafood boiled in sour base broth using either sampalok (tamarind), santol, kalamansi (lemon), bayabas (guava) or any other sour fruits with onion, tomato, siling haba (green long chili) and choice of vegetables. Meat version often uses gabi (taro root) to thicken the broth. Seasoned with salt.

Sinigang sa Miso - Fish with fermented soya bean soup. Made up or fish sautéed in garlic, onion, tomato and miso (fermented soya beans) boiled in sour base broth using sampalok (tamarind) with mustasa (mustard leaves), labanos (radish root) and siling haba (green long chili). Seasoned with salt.

Sinukmani –Laguna version of the traditional rice cake made up of glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk and sugar topped with latik (toasted coconut milk). See also biko

Sisig - Either pork usually face, chicken or fish, grilled and diced, stir cooked with garlic, onions, chilies, vinegar and drizzled with kalamansi (lemon) juice. It is best served in as sizzling plate toped with raw egg.

Sitsaron - Crispy fried pork rind. Pork cracklings

Sitsaron Bulaklak - Crispy fried pork intestines.

Sopas - Pasta soup made up of elbow or shell macaroni with vegetables with sautéed garlic, onion, diced pork, chicken and hotdog. Flavored with evaporated milk and seasoned with salt and pepper.

Sorbetes - Ice cream. Dirty ice cream. "Dirty" refers to home made ice cream sold by street vendors in push carts.

Sotanghon - Vermicelli noodles. Translucent noodles made from mung beans.

Sotanghon Soup - Noodle soup made up of boiled sotanghon noodles (vermicelli noodles).

Spaghetti (Pinoy Version) - Pasta dish with a sweetish meat sauce made up of ground pork and/or beef with sliced hotdog and sweet ham sautéed in garlic, onion, soy sauce, tomato sauce, salt and pepper with finely diced carrot, bell pepper, celery, button mushroom, pickled relish and sweetened with sugar. Sauce is either mixed or poured over the pasta and topped with grated buttermilk cheese. Most version uses banana ketchup in place of tomato ketchup.

Squid Balls – Deep fried balls made up of squid or cuttlefish meat, served in bamboo skewers with a sweet and sour or spicy sauce dip or with vinegar, onion and chili dip.

Stirfry - Small cutlet of either meat, vegetables, fish or other seafood quickly fried usually half cooked with choice of aromatic and sauces.

Sumsuman - Visayan word for pulutan (appetizer).

Tapa - Sun-dried red meat. Fried red meat marinated in vinegar, salt, garlic, pepper and sugar for the sweet version.

Tinapa - Smooked cured fish.

Tinola - Chicken ginger soup. Made up of chicken boiled in patis (fish sauce) with unripe papaya or sayote (chayote) and talbos ng sili (chili tendrils) or malungay (moringe) leaves.

Tinowa - Visayan fish soup. Made up of fish boiled with tanglad (lemongrass), ginger, onion, and tomatoes, flavored with salt and garnished with spring onions or leeks.

Tinuno - Ilocano word for grill or barbecue.

Tira-tira - A traditional candy stick made up pulled balicutya (sugarcane candy) similar to candy cane.

Tocho - Fried fish in tofu and black bean sauce. Made up of fried fish topped or cooked with sauce made up of sautéed garlic, onion, tomato, massed tokwa (firm tofu) in vinegar and tausi (fermented black beans).

Torta - Egg omelet with either vegetables, ground meat, corned beef, fish and seafood, ect.

Turbo Chicken - Whole chicken roasted in turbo broiler.

Tocino - Fried cured meat. Either beef, pork or chicken cured in salt, sugar flavored and garlic.

Tokwa’t Baboy - Side dish made up of cube deep fried tokwa (firm tufo) and cube boiled pork pace/ears in vinegar, garlic, onion, sugar, salt and pepper dressing. Usually a side dish for lugaw or goto (plain of tripe rice porridge.

Turon - Fried banana roll. Made up of sliced ripe banana (saba variety) rolled in wrapper made up of flour and egg white. Special versions are additionally filled with strips of sweetened langka (jack fruit) and or buko (coconut sport) strips and even coated with caramelized sugar.

Toyo - Small sun-dried salted fish.


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