Sinaing na Tulingan na Walang Kamias

Sinaing na Tulingan na Walang Kamias
Sinaing na Tulingan na Walang Kamias. Sinaing na Tulingan is a Batangas special fish dish of tulingang slow cooked in kamias usually dried but fresh kamias can also be use and salt. Patis is the term used in the salty broth of the dish. The fish is slowly cooked until the fish is soft including the bones but remain firm. To prevent the fish from crumbling and sticking to each other banana leaf is used to separate each fish when it is arrange side by side during cooking. The banana leaf also add flavor to the dish. The extra saltiness also extends the shelf life of the dish. It is best serve with chopped tomatoes to neutralize the salty state of the dish. Sinaing na tulingan is serve with a lot of rice especially if the patis or salty broth is mixed in with rice. The thought of it had already made me droll while writing this post.

Sinaing na Tulingan na Walang Kamias - Sampalok Sinigang Mix Version

Here is the version using sampalok sinigang mix in place of kamias that is comparable. The next time you find a tulingan or any other similar tuna fish and have been longing for sinaing na isda here is the recipe.


1 kilo small or medium size tulingan
1 small pc. pork fat optional
1 tblsp sampalok sinigang mix
1-1 1/2 tblsp salt

Cooking procedure:

Sinaing na Tulingan sa Patis - Cooking Procedure

Remove gills and innards of tulingan, using scissors cut fins and tails. If using medium size tulingan slice diagonally. If using small tulingan slit cut along the length of each fish on both sides, carefully press fish to flatten slightly. Wash fish thoroughly and drain. In a casserole put, pork fat at the bottom. Arrange sliced fish side by side, add enough water to cover fish add salt and sampalok sinigang mix. Cover and simmer at low heat for 45 minutes to 1 hour or until most of the liquid have evaporated. Serve with chopped tomatoes and onions.

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  1. ask ko lang po kung pwede bang i-saing na isda ang galunggong?

    paano rin po pa para hindi siya malansa amoy at lasa?

    mae21 po ng japan

  2. lagyan lang ng luya para mawala ang lansa at pampalasa din...

  3. lagyan lamang po ng luya upang mawala ang lansa


  4. @ Efraim, tama po kayo nakalimutan kong lagyan, hehehe..

  5. I'm a batangueno in bahrain. After reading this, naalala ko na naman ang sinaing na tulingan ng tatay ko. I must say na dried kalamyas is better than fresh. mas malasa pa lalo kung iluluto sa palayok at lulutuin sa kahoy. Yun kasing aroma at lasa ng niluto sa kahoy ay mas evident kaysa sa niluto sa stove. and dont forget to put more taba ng baboy, nagdadagdag sya ng additional na lasa and kung wala naman, pwede yung pork oil. Secret to a delicious sinaing na tulingan eh yung slow cooking at extended time, yung tipong kahit yung tinik eh very brittle. At mas masarap pa lalo kung yan ay lulutuin uli as ginataang sinaang na tulingan kung may left over kayo.. yum yum!!


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