Amore: A Food Lover’s 2009 Planner

Amore: A Food Lover’s 2009 Planner
SYSU International Inc. and Belle De Jour Enterprises, the producer of Belle De Jour Power Planner, has come up with a 2009 planner for those people who love food and cooking.

Amore: A Food Lover’s 2009 Planner

Amore Planner - Recipe

The planner includes food quotes, cooking tips, recipes, restaurant directory, discount coupons and other informative food articles. It also featured the best food blogs that share the same passion for food and Overseas Pinoy Cooking is included in the list.

Amore Planner - Overseas Pinoy Cooking

It is really a great planner specifically tailored for foodies like myself. Grab one for yourself or as a gift for a special someone.

Amore Planner

For more information, email them at, call them at 920-52-91 loc. 304, or visit their blog site The Gourmet.


  1. Wow, congratulations utman. I have their 2009 planner but how come I didn't know about this one? I hope you'll share us their recipes. More power to your blog and looking forward to your future recipes.


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