Strawberry Taho, Sundot Kulangot, Baguio City Food Trip

Baguio City - Strawberry Taho
Baguio City - Sundot Kulangot
Baguio City is known as the summer capital of the Philippines and the best time to visit the City of course is on the month of February. The Panagbenga Festival is held yearly during this month. Panagbenga is known as the Baguio City Flower Festival, the City of Pines is famous for its beautiful flowers.

Baguio City - Panagbenga Festival
Baguio City

This is a food blog and I would not talk about the magnificent scenery and cool weather of the City. Instead I will write about some of the unique foods that the City is famous.

Strawberry Taho. They are peddled on the street in the same taho metal containers balanced on bamboo poles on vendor’s shoulder. The taho is the same warm white bean curd with soft sago (tapioca balls) but flavored with fresh strawberry syrup instead of the usual arnibal (caramel). There is nothing more comforting than a sip of warm taho with the taste and aroma of Baguio while enjoying the cold weather strolling Burham Park or seeing the magnificent view at Mines View Park.

Baguio City - Strawberry Taho Gallery
Baguio City - Calamay Sundot Kulangot

Sundot Kulangot, this is another Baguio famous delicacy. The name might be a turn off in Pinoy language but the sweet delicacy is a must try when you’re in Baguio. Sundot kulangot is a miniature version of the calamay. The regular calamay is off course packed in a coconut shell but sundot kulangot uses small shells that looks like miniature coconut shells instead. Inside is the same sweet calamay that is made up glutinous rice. The shells are so small that you need to use the finger to dig out the calamay thus the name sundot kulangot (poke booger or snot).

Baguio City - Sundot Kulangot Gallery
Baguio City - Pasalubong

The Baguio City Food Trip is a part of the family’s Ilocos Adventure, Christmas holiday travel.

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  1. oh this looked like a wonderful trip. how was the strawberry taho?

  2. parati ako nasa baguio pero never ko pa natikman ang strawberry taho...

  3. @juanderfulpinoy,@makunat,
    It tasted a hint of sweet straberry from the straberry jam the taho vendor added. Thanks for visiting.


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