Dinuguan, Goldilocks Pinoydeli

Goldilocks Dinuguan
Dinuguan is one of the best sellers of Goldilocks a popular bakeshop that has ventured into a fast food restaurant. I am a fan of Goldilocks ever since, my personal favorite are their laing, pansit malabon, lumpiang ubod and their dinuguan with puto. Of course, those mentioned dishes are not comparable to homemade versions but they are superior on its class as fast food, particularly their dinuguan.

Goldilocks Pinoydeli - Dinuguan

Whenever I feel hungry, I would prefer to eat at Goldilocks than those food outlets at mall’s food courts, the usual order of course are those that I have mentioned. For the drinks, I like their sago at gulaman or take a fresh fruit juice drink at a nearby fruit juice kiosk.

Goldilocks Puto

I am sure a lot of our kababayan overseas have surely missed foods that are offered by Goldilocks, the bakeshop have been around before most burger, fried chicken and spaghetti fast food restaurants become popular. Or have been craving for a dinuguan in particular.

Goldilocks Pinoydeli

Goldilocks have now, in fact have been in the market for a couple of years, a ready to eat version of their popular dinuguan (bopis, laing and lechon paksiw are also available) in 150g soft pack branded as Pinoydeli. It is very convenient to take back abroad for most overseas Pinoy who are returning from leave or vacation. I myself make it a point to bring back several packets, utilizing my free airline baggage to the maximum. It is always good to have an instant dinuguan whenever you feel the craving. To serve just heat the contents in a small non-stick pan or simply put the whole packet in hot water for a few minutes. I would not recommend heating the dinuguan in a microwave oven, I did once and it all splattered all over the oven. Goldilocks Pinoydeli might also be available on some overseas Asian store.


  1. ay wala dito sa US ito. sayang.

  2. Saw this the other day at de belchor store here in dubai. How was it? I was hesitant to buy it afraid that it might taste synthetic.

  3. this is my favorite.yummy.
    i like its sour flavour and "dark" color as opoosed to brownish ones.

  4. try to get a zamboangueno/chavacano dinuguan recipe and surely you will understand that the goldilocks recipe originated in Zamboanga City.

  5. i want to learned of alot of ur recipes in here, but my problem is where i can find or order the stuff, i want to if u have online store that u know here that i can order, i leave in texas. i just want to order in online. tnx

  6. I hope our readers from Texas could help you.

  7. ....i miss dinuguan coz its not available herein the kingom of saudi arabia,,,some filipino used chicken blood but it doesnt taste good...

  8. I do want to try dinuguan using chicken blood also.


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