Meatless Vegetable Dish for the Lenten Season

To help you decide on what meatless dish to cook these Lenten season I have dig the archive for meatless vegetable dish and put them together in a photo collage. To see the name of a dish just hover the mouse over the photo, to see the relevant post just click on the photo.

Adobong KangkongAdobong Sitaw
Ampalaya with EggAsparagus with Tofu
Bulanglang BatangasBuridibud, Tabungao
DinengdengDinengdeng, Green Leafy Version
Dinengdeng, Labong, Saluyot at SigarillasDinengdeng, Saluyot at Labong
Ensaladang Bulaklak ng KalabasaEnsaladang Katuray
Ensaladang LabanosEnsaladang Manga
Fried Rice, SeafoodFried Rice, Tinapa & Tuna
Grilled Eggplant and Salted Egg SaladGuinataang Langka
Guinisang TogueGuinisang Togue with Tokwa
Inihaw na Talong at OkraKinilaw na Lato
LaswaPinasingaw na Gulay
Poqui PoquiSauteed Broiled Eggplant
Seafood LugawSitaw at Tokwa
Tortang TalongUtan

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