Arabic Roasted Chicken with Garlic Sauce

Arabic Roasted Chicken with Garlic Sauce
Whole chicken roasted in open flame rotisserie is as popular as shawarma here in Abu Dhabi. They always come in handy whenever there is no time for home cooking. They are convenient and not to pricey. They now cost AED 30.00 a piece about P360.00, this includes half dozen pita (Arabic bread), a lot of potato fries, green salad, olives and pickles and for the dip garlic paste and hummous (Arabic dip or spread made up of chickpeas). They are usually sold at Lebanese restaurants which are located every where.

Arabic Roasted Chicken

Pinoys love lechon manok, our own version of whole roasted chicken. I myself when ever I missed our lechon manok have found these Arabic roasted chickens as alternative. Of course they are not comparable with the like of Andoks or Manok ni SnPedro but they can satisfy our cravings while overseas.

Arabic Roasted Chicken In Rotisserie


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