Kalderetang Batangas, Batangas Kaldereta Recipe

Kalderetang Batangas, Batangas Kaldereta
Kalderatang Batangas, Batangas Kaldereta is a version of Pinoy kaldereta that do not use tomato sauce. As the name suggest this kaldereta recipe is very common in Batangas. The meat used is usually beef or goat then stewed with just chopped onions and garlic (a lot of it), generous amount of cheese is also used which make the sauce cheesy creamy. The choice of meat is first marinated in soy sauce and vinegar then sautéed with, again a lot of margarine, I used butter. Then the meat is stewed with the onions and garlic at moderate to low heat till very tender.

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Kalderetang Batangas, Batangas Kaldereta Recipe

This kardereta version is worth a try, it’s really cheesy creamy yummy. Here is the recipe of Kalderatang Batangas, Enjoy!


1/2 kilo beef, any cut, cut to serving pieces
200 grams chicken liver, boiled, mashed
4 large size onion, chopped
1 head large size garlic, minced
1 cup grated quickmelt cheese
4 tbsp. soy sauce
2 tbsp. vinegar
2-3 tbsp. margarine or butter
3-4 dried or fresh hot chili, chopped
ground pepper
salt to taste
cooking oil

Kalderetang Batangas - Cooking Procedure

Cooking procedure:

In a big bowl place the beef and mix in the soy sauce, vinegar and a dash of ground pepper, let marinate for at least 30 minutes. Keep aside. In a sauce pan melt the butter or margarine, saute the garlic until fragrant, add in the onions and continue to stir fry until onions becomes lump, add in the liver and stir fry for another minute. Now add in the marinated beef and stir cook for 3 to 5 minutes. Add the remaining marinade and 2 to 3 cups of water or until the beef is covered up to an inch of water. Bring to a boil and simmer for 30 to 45 minutes or until the beef are tender and the meat start to fall off from the bones. Add more water as necessary. Add the hot chili halfway during the cooking. When the beef are tender and the liquid has reduced to half and turns to creamy sauce, correct saltines, add in the gated cheese and cook for another minute or until the cheese have melted and thickened the sauce. Serve with a lot of rice.


  1. mmmmm it looks so good and sinful!!! I'll have to make it one of these days :)

    one question though can I use "Monterrey Jack" cheese or "Cheddar" cheese like can I use any type of white cheese that melts well?

    Mmmmm how about Cream Cheese?

  2. Hi Nathan,
    We use processed cheddar cheese, popularly called quickmelt cheese. I guess the way you describe those cheese I think it will do as long as it does not re-solidify at room temperature. Thanks for dropping.

  3. i love the vegetables and the sauce of kalderata

  4. I've used Kraft Cheddar Cheese. The type that's sold in the round blue can. It melts really well. My Batangueno friend uses it to make their Batangas-style kaldereta. It's readily available in Asian grocery stores in cities with a large Filipino population.

  5. I think there is something missing in the ingredients. Here in Batangas, when you cook kaldereta, you have to put sweet pickles, reno livers spread instead or atay or liver of chicken, then perens sauce. When it's about finish cooking, add bread scrumps to thicken the sauce. I tell you, you'll like it very much because it will be more creamy and tasteful. That's the real kalderetang batangs. Lino

  6. Hi Lino,
    Thanks for your feedback, yes i forgot about the pickled relish.

  7. Well its not only the reno liver spread and pickles relish thats missing in the ingredients but the achuete to add the color and the onions must be atleast double the amount of the meat so you dont need to put water......

  8. Thanks for the feedback.

  9. and if it's going to be an authentic kalderetang batangas, it would be kalderetang "kambing" (goat). nonetheless, it's good, and better if you try Lino's suggestions as above. as batangueno's, we're very proud of our "brown kaldereta" :)

  10. I will definitely try it soon, thanks.

  11. I tried this last night with beef ribs and it was a hit, I used the canned Kraft cheddar cheese and lots of sweet relish pickles, yum!!!

    I was thinking about what is the PERRENS sauce as what of what someone posted, I think it is the Lea and Perrins Sauce eh, but anyway thanks for this recipe and like i said my family loved it, minus the tomato sauce makes it better dahil we are not fond of it..

    Marlin of California


  13. Thanks for the Info.

  14. It is not Batangas-style caldereta without the Worcestershire Sauce such as the one made by Lea & Perrins!!! Trhere are other ingredients missing in your recipe but you will have to find them out!!!

  15. In addition to the Worcestershire Sauce I mentioned earlier, basic Batangas-style caldereta includes peanut butter, banana sauce (ketchup), and tomato paste (to bind all ingredients). Also, I use Velveeta cheese. I have other secret ingredients I inherited from my grandfather, but those are optional. Good luck and let me know how this turns out!

  16. One more thing, Batangas-style caldereta is not cheesy at all. There should be balance among the ingredients: peanut butter, cheese, liver spread, etc.

  17. I agree with Dimasilaw, we, batnguenos put peanut butter in cooking caldereta to make the sauce thicker and yummier.

  18. @Dimasilaw and Ryan,
    Thanks for the feedback,
    Kaldereta is cooked in a thousand ways which defends on available ingredients and personal preference as mentioned, your secret ingredients.


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