Nilagang Mani, Boiled Peanuts

Nilagan Mani, Boiled Peanuts
Nilagang Mani is cheap snack that perhaps every Pinoy loves. Boiled peanuts are popular street food in Metro Manila. It’s a common to see peanut peddlers pushing their cart with big can of peanut still being steamed by portable kerosene stove on a busy intersection. I was craving for boiled peanut then I realized that I have some unpublished photos of them. This one is over due I forgot about it. I cooked them during my last stay in Manila, I have bough two kilos of fresh raw peanuts from a wet market near our home. They were still covered with the dirt which I tough was intentionally sold that way to add more weight. Cooking boiled peanuts seams simple and easy but mind you it’s a bit tricky. Boiling seems forever and add generous amount of salt, enough to penetrate the peanut shell. Here’s how to boil peanuts.


Fresh Peanuts

2 kilos peanuts in shells
3-4 tbsp. salt

Cooking procedure:

Wash thoroughly the peanuts until all the clinging dirt are removed. In a big pot place the peanuts. Pour enough water to cover the peanuts up to 2” with water and add the salt. Bring to a boil and simmer for 1 1/2 to 2 hours or until the peanuts are cooked and tender. Add more water as necessary, open a piece of nut to check if the peanuts are cooked in between.

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  1. Perhaps the peanuts have just been freshly dug. I love peanuts! Non-stop chewing!

  2. care for adobong mani then deep fried? hmmm...

  3. Yes I always get a P10 serving from peanut vendors whenever I travel on a bus at EDSA :) and munch all the way to my destination. lol, I get jaw ache in the end.


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