Batam Island, Indonesia Food Trip

Nasi Goreng Koe
I can not let go off my recent Batam trip. To those who do not know Batam is and Industrial Free Zone Island, the Island is part of Indonesia’s Riau of Islands. It is located below Singapore and slightly smaller in size. Batam is a weekend paradise to most Singaporeans. They go to Batam for its cheap food, beach resorts and their infamous night entertainment or just simply getaway from the fast paced life in Singapore to relax or play golf. I have previously mentioned the place in some of my previous post for the reason that I have work in Batam in several occasions in early 90’s and again in early 2000. During those years I have discovered and learned to like some of the cuisines that this part of Indonesia has to offer. Some of the foods especially the Chinese dishes are however influenced by the food from adjacent Singapore.

During the visit I was lucky enough to stay at Nongsa Point Marina a hide away beach resort located northeast of Batam Island surrounded by picture-perfect beaches with lush green surroundings.

Nongsa Beach
Nongsa's Tranquil Beach

Singapore Skyline Striked by Lightning
Singapore Skyline Striked by Lightning
Viewed from My Hotel Room
(Hover Mouse Over Photo to See The Lightning Strike)

For me the trip was considered a food trip to reminisce the Indonesian foods that I have learned to love and enjoyed during those past working years in Batam. I still remember the experience of eating at “Padangs” traditional Indonesian eateries similar to our “Turo-turo” eateries. The only difference is that all the dishes are served in single servings at your table and only choose the foods that you want and pay only the servings that you have eaten.

The Batam landscape has now changed dramatically this was brought by the accelerated economic growth of the Island. Batam now has numerous shopping mall and word class resort hotels. And of course there are now more eating places comparable to Singapore. There’s no better way than show the place in pictures.


  1. How come you took the lightning strike photo ? Just lucky ? Amazing....

  2. It was just a lucky shot, when alone in a hotel and get bored I shoot everything I see and observed heheehe.

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