Aussie Burger, Burger with the Lot

Aussie Burger, Burger with the Lot
Aussie Burger, Burger with the Lot is an Australia classic super hamburger sandwich. Its massive sandwich that you would not bother having it with potato chips (fries). They are not available in McDonald’s or Hungry Jack’s (Burger King) but sold in fish and chips shops, canteens and other sandwich shops, you can find them almost everywhere except but not on the multinational fast food chains. I have had my try on the burger during my work stints at different places in Australia. During those work assignment I have the opportunity to see Australia’s country side.

Aussie Countryside
Watch out for those Kangaros

Ok this is a food blog not a travel blog, back to the subject. The Aussie burger is made up of large soft rolls (buns), loaded with large beef burger and the lot made up of cheese, bacon, pineapple slice (remember the Hawaiian Hamburger of Tropical Hut) sunny side up fried egg, sliced beet root, sliced tomato, grilled sliced onion rings, lettuce, sliced gherkins with tomato sauce (ketchup) and mustard I hope I did not missed any.

Wind Mills Similar to the ones in Pagudpud
Wind Mills Similar to the ones in Pagudpud

You will need:

large soft hamburger rolls (buns), halved, buttered, pan seared
Aussie beef burgers , grilled or pan grilled)
rind less fried bacons
sunny side up fried eggs
canned sliced pineapple, pan seared
canned sliced beet root, rinsed drained
sliced cheese
pan grilled sliced onions
iceberg lettuce leaves
sliced tomatoes
sliced gherkins
tomato sauce (ketchup)

Aussie Burger

To make:

Line the base of each buns with the lettuce, tomato, beetroot, gherkins, pineapple. Place the burger, cheese, bacon. Add tomato kechtup and mustard. Top with a the egg and onions put the bun lid(arrangement not necessary on this order). Serve with chips on the side.


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