Simple Fish and Vegatable Dish for Holy Friday

Most Pinoy abstain from eating meat during Lent, particularly on Holy Friday. Some go on fasting but most will be having a simple fish and vegetable dish. I have dig out the archive for the simplest fish and vegetable dish that may help decide what to have this Holy Friday.

Sinigang na Bangus at Hipon sa SampalokSinigang ng Malasugi sa Kamatis
Sinigang na Sapsap sa KamiasSinabawan nga Isda
Pinangat na Ayungin sa SampalokPaksiw na Biya, Nilingta ti Suka nga Bunog
Paksiw na Salay Salay sa KamiasPaksiw na Dulong
Tanguige Bistek TagalogBangus Belly Bistek Tagalog
Tuna Steak with Butter Garlic and Parsley SauceGrilled Tuna Steak, Inihaw na Bariles
Instant Noodle Soup with Canned SalmonMisua with Canned Salmon Soup
Sardinas at Sotanghon, Canned Sardine Soup with SotanghonGuinisang Mungo with Salmon Belly
Crispy Fried DilisAmpalaya Salad with Crispy Fried Dried Dilis
Inihaw na Tilapia, Grilled St. Peter FishInihaw na Tulingan
Adobong Choy SumBok Choy with Oyster Sauce
Choy Sum with Oysters SauceInihaw na Talong with Bagoong Dip
Guinisang RepolyoAdobong Kabute
Adobong Bok Choy, Chinese Cabbage AdoboEnsadalang Ampalaya, Ampalaya Salad
Guinisang LabanosLaing at Daing, Laing with Dried Fish
Laswa nga TamboDinengdeng, Labong, Saluyot at Sigarillas

Still undecided? See my previous Lenten Season Post below.

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