Castañas, Castanas, Roasted Chestnuts

Castañas, Castanas, Roasted Chestnuts

Castañas, Castanas, Roasted Chestnuts. Roasted chestnut is one food indicator that Christmas is evident . The castanas photos on this post were taken last December 25, 2011, I could have posted it earlier but I wanted to first post dishes for the 2011 Celebration’s Recipe series. This castanas food trip post may be late but it is still relevant as I could still see them sold at Metro Manila’s Sidewalks, Supermarkets and Malls. I though the price would significantly drop down by now, but they have remained or just gone down few pesos per kilo after the Christmas Seasons, perhaps the price will remain till the Chinese New Year.

Castanas, Roasted Chestnuts

To those who do not know castanas or chestnuts are come from a chestnut tree. In the Philippines chestnuts are usually roasted in big woks with volcanic stones, the small stones and chestnuts are tossed together in the wok at high heat. The stones acts as heat conductor that evenly cook the chestnuts.

Roasted Chestnuts

The chestnuts that are sold in the Philippines are the Chinese variety, they have a sweet and nutty flavour, the texture of cooked chestnut is similar to a boiled langka seeds.

Chestnuts Vendors


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