Fiesta Market at Market Market

Assorted Kakanin
Fiesta Market at Market Market. One of the places that I won’t miss to go for a food trip whenever I am in Manila is the Fiesta Market of Market Market at the Fort Bonifacio Global City.

Market Market

Fiesta Market At Market Market

Fiesta Market Central Alley

Fiesta Market Central Alley lined with Kiosk

The place is located at the left side of the mall just besides the Transport Passenger Terminal. Fiesta Market includes wet type market sections, this include a fruits and vegetables section, plants and flowers section, there are also stalls that sell rice, meat and fish. The place is also a paradise for dining, the food court offers a wide variety of food stalls to choose from. There are also several specialty restaurants at the back side for those who are there to celebrate an occasion.

Laguna Kiosk

Cebu Kiosk

The Food Court

For myself the section that I love most is the central alley where line of kiosk that sell regional food and delicacies are located. Each kiosk offer regional food and delicacies at certain region of the Philippines. The place is my source of regional food whenever I am or the family craves one. It is the place where I frequently buy my Vigan miki noodles and authentic Vigan longanisa.

Delicacies from Bicol Region

Delicacies from Tagalog Region

The fruit section is highly recommended, it is a one stop location of both imported and local fruits and other produce.

Mangoes from Guimaras


The Fruits and Vegetables Section

The Plants and Flowers Section


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