Oxtail with Mushroom and Oyster Sauce

Oxtail with Mushroom and Oyster Sauce
Oxtail with Mushroom and Oyster Sauce. I just love oxtail no matter how it is cooked, braised or soup dish, you can never go wrong. To most Pinoy oxtail or beef tail are considered premium cut of beef. Beef tails are usually available in Metro Manila wet markets with skin on, I hope I could cook a Kare Kare dish using beef tails with skin on, that would be extra yummy particularly the gel like skin of the beef tails when properly cooked.

Oxtail with Mushroom Oyster Sauce

Real oxtail can be found more often on bigger supermarkets in Metro Manila, usually imported from Australia and they do not come cheap, so with the beef tails with skin on sold in Metro Manila wet markets. There are already several recipes of oxtail on our archives that you can try should you are looking for oxtail dish just click the links below to see the recipes.

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Oxtail with Mushroom

Today I would like to share another innovative oxtail dish. I have been thinking a simple way to cook these oxtails that have been lying around on the fridge for some time now. I do not want to cooked Oxtail Kare Kare again, this time I thought of an oxtail braised dish with a touch of Chinese by using star anise and cinnamon sticks. Here is the recipe on how I cooked this another innovative dish Oxtail with Mushroom and Oyster Sauce.


1 1/2 kilo oxtail
100 grams fresh shitake mushroom, sliced
100 grams fresh extra-large button mushroom, sliced
1 big size onion, peeled quartered
1 head garlic, cut crosswise
2 thumb size ginger, crushed
3-4 pieces star anise
1 small stick cinnamon
1 small bundle spring onion, chopped
1-2 tbsp. cracked pepper corns
2-3 pieces bay leaf
2/3 cup cornstarch
1/2 cup oyster sauce
1/2 cup soy sauce
2-3 tbsp. sugar
cooking oil

Cooking procedure:

Oxtail with Mushroom - Cooking Procedure

Using a frying pan heat a couple of spoon of cooking oil until it start to smoke. Sear the oxtail in batches and keep aside. Using a large sauce pan add in the seared oxtail, add water up to 2 inches above the oxtail. Add in the soy sauce sliced whole garlic, crushed ginger, cracked peppercorns, quartered onion, star anise, cinnamon stick and some salt. Bring to a boil and simmer for 2 to 3 hours or until just tender at low to medium heat, add more water as necessary. Now add in the oyster sauce and sugar, simmer for 10 to 15 minutes until the meat starts to fall off from the bones and the liquid has reduced to about half. Correct saltines if required. Add in the mushrooms and continue cook for 2 to 3 minutes. Thicken sauce with cornstrach diluted in 1/4 cup of water. Cook for another minute until the sauce thickens. Serve garnished with spring onion.


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