Pinoy Food Sydney?

Pinoy Food Sydney?
Pinoy Food Sydney? If you are a Pinoy who happen to work or just on a short visit to Sydney and looking for a Pinoy Restaurant chances are you cannot find one not unless there are Pinoy or Filo Restaurant that I am not aware, and I mean with in Sydney.

Pinoy Takeaways Food Shops

However there are a couple of Pinoy Restaurants and several Pinoy Takeaways Food Shops with in Sydney’s suburbs and adjacent towns or cities. I would just limit my talk to the food shops that I have visited and reserve the other Pinoy Restaurant till I visit them and have a firsthand experience about the food they offer. At this piont I want to have your feedback should you have a fovorite restaurant with in Sydney and suburbs and adjacent town or city.

Turo-Turo Carenderia

One popular place is Blacktown, a city that is home to the largest Pinoy community in Australia. Blacktown is located 35 kilometers west of Sydney. A couple of Pinoy Takeaway Food Shop that can be access easily are Fiesta Filipino and Filipino Cuisine they are located on a rows of shops along Main Street at Blacktown Rail Station. Just take the exit on the Main Street side towards the Westpoint Shopping Center. Take the stairs and you will not miss the place once you aligned at the stairs on the right are the takeaway restaurants located next to each other.

Crispy Sisig, Ginataang Baboy with Rice and Ginisang Mungo
Crispy Sisig, Ginataang Baboy with Rice and Ginisang Mungo

Both offer “Turo-Turo Carenderia” style Pinoy Food. There are a lot of choices, most likely your favourite Pinoy dish would be found on at least any of the Pinoy Food Takeaway Shops.

Dinuguan Rice
Dinuguan Rice

During my visit I just tried some of my Favourite Pinoy Food Ginisang Mungo, Crispy Sisig, Guinataang Baboy and Dinuguan.

Once again I invite our readers who have been or live in Sydney to share to us if you have some favorite Pinoy Restaurant or Pinoy Food Place in Sydney and suburbs and adjacent town or city.


  1. Pinoy Foods will be popular in Sydney. I think a lot of Australians also dine in there? I like your post! I hope you visit my blog about Pinoy Foods and tell me something about it. Thanks! I'd like to exchange links with you. Anyhow will do.


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