Isdaan sa Calauan, Laguna

Isdaan sa Calauan - Mama Chit Bilao Special
Isdaan sa Calauan, Laguna. There is a popular themed park and restaurant in Laguna called Isdaan Floating Restaurant sa Calauan, it has gain so much popularity because of its proximity in Metro Manila and the improvement of the SLEX – South Luzon Expresway travel time is significantly reduced.

Isdaan sa Calauan - Pinatulang Baka

Isdaan sa Calauan - Kinalabasang Hipon

The theme park restaurant offers visitors and diners lifelike and giant statues of Buddas, Mermaid, Fishes there is even a life like statue of Erap, Cory and Obama, but the grandest is the giant gorilla sitting in the middle of the park and restaurant. To learn more and see more photos of the restaurant visit our travel blog Overseas Pinoy Travels latest post on Isdaan Floating Restaurant sa Calauan, Laguna.

Isdaan sa Calauan - Melon Juice

Isdaan sa Calauan - Buco and Watermelon Juice

There’s a wide array of Filipino food to choose from the menu but other food are also available. Try their signature Pinoy soup dishes Pinatulang Baka and Kinalabasang Hipon. Recommend also to try their fresh fruit juices instead of soffdrinks.

Isdaan sa Calauan - Lechon Manok

Isdaan Floating Restaurant sa Caluan, Laguna is recommended especially when you are on a road trip to Laguna.

Isdaan sa Calauan

Isdaan sa Calauan -  Giant Gorilla


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