Malaysian Stuffed Crab, Tong Juan Restaurant

Malaysian Stuffed Crab
Malaysian Stuffed Crab. It is said that the best Malaysian Stuffed Crab is the famous Stuffed Crabs of Tong Juan Restaurant in Chukai, Kemaman in Terenganu. Chukai is a small town that is adjacent to the oil town of Kerteh, Terenganu. The place is an alternative transit town of Oil and Gas Offshore workers on their roster day-off runs. I was lucky enough to visit Chukai during my recent work related travel to Malaysia and have a first hand taste of the famous Stuffed Crabs of Tong Juan Restaurant.

Stuffed Crab with Seafood Fried Rice and Coconut Drink

The crabs were good! With plenty of crab meat with vegetables onion. This is definitely a must-order if you happen to be in that part of Malaysia. I am not sure but I suspect the crab meat vegetables mixture was already stir cooked before filling in to the crab shell, then dipped in well beaten eggs and fried to perfection. The difference with our Pinoy stuffed crabs or Rellenong Alimasag is that the meat crab mixture of the Pinoy version is bind with beaten eggs and similarly dipped in moderately beaten eggs.

Malaysian Stuffed Crab Filling

The Malaysian Stuffed Crabs ingredients are not bound at all, it is kept in placed by the fried spongy egg coating. Once the egg coating is broken the crab meat filling will crumble to the plate where us the Pinoy version the filling is bound solid like a burger fatty.

Tong Juan Restaurant

Inside Tong Juan Restaurant

With the Stuffed Crabs I also ordered Seafood Fred Rice and young coconut drink. The restaurant is ideally located just across the Kemaman River giving a good view of the river and the local traffic. Across the street beside the river is the Hawker Center where you can find wide varieties of Malaysian food.

Kemaman River

Hawker Center

Nasi Lemak Hawker

Nasi Minyak


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