Pinoy Food Kuala Lumpur?

Pinoy Food Kuala Lumpur? - Ginataang Tulingan
Pinoy Food Kuala Lumpur? One of the popular overseas cities that Pinoy usually go both as tourist and OFW is Kuala Lumpur the capital city of Malaysia. Just recently I have visited Malaysia for a job related travel. It has been almost ten years since the last time I was in Kuala Lumpur, I used to work in the Oil and Gas Construction in Malaysia with a multinational inspection company that was based in Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur has change ten folds since then.

Kota Raya Shopping Complex

Kota Raya Shopping Complex - Filipino Stalls and Shops

OK this post is about my Pinoy food travels so let’s limit our subject matter to Pinoy Food Kuala Lumpur? Having not visited Kuala Lumpur for some time, I have to ask around from some Pinoy that I have met on the streets and in the Hotel that I have stayed, for the reason that I was not able to get sufficient information from the internet.

Pinoy Food Kuala Lumpur? - Dinuguan

All pointed to Kota Raya an old Shopping Complex opposite the famous Petaling Street in China Town. The place is where most of the maids and OFWs will spent their Sunday day off. The complex is not limited to the Filipino Restaurants and Carinderias, it is considered the unofficial Little Manila, it is a one stop collective place in Kuala Lumpur where business establishment that are related to overseas Pinoy can be found.

Kota Raya Shopping Complex - Filipino Shop

There are shops for Pinoy food and other Pinoy domestic products, money remittance and door to door couriers, travel agencies, employment agencies, beauty parlors and shops that cater to the OFW’s. It is similar to Lucky Plaza in Singapore but in a very much smaller scale.

Kota Raya Shopping Complex - Filipino Restaurant

Pinoy Food Kuala Lumpur? - Turo Turo Pinoy Food

The two Filipino restaurants that I have visited offers a wide choice of Filipino Food, served Carinderia style, I was surprised by the large selections on food that are available and I was there on the weekdays, I was told that they have bigger selections on Sundays.

Pinoy Food Kuala Lumpur? - Fish

China Town - Petaling Street

As I have mentioned earlier that the place is just opposite Petaling Street. Petaling Street is the hearth of China Town in Kuala Lumpur. The street have converted into a permanent street market complete with canopy on the whole stretch of Petaling Street. Now if you are in Kuala Lumpur and looking for cheap or bargain items this is the place, but be ready to negotiate.

Petaling Street - Street Market

China Town - Street Market


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