Puerto Princessa’s Chaolong, Bona’s Chaolong - Palawan Food Trip Part 2

Puerto Princess’s Chaolong, Bona’s Chaolong
Puerto Princessa’s Chaolong, Bona’s Chaolong - Palawan Food Trip Part 2. Chaolong is Puerto Princessa’s local version of Pho a Vietnamese noodle soup. Chaolong is a misnomer, chaolong is pork innards porridge in Vietnam but the local chaolong is a meat stew soup with noodles. Puerto Princessa is known for Vietnamese restaurant and eateries being a host a processing center for Vietnamese refugees or boat people in the past. Most of the Vietnamese have since left and to those who have opted to stay are in to chaolongan eateries all over Puerto Princessa or are in to Vietnamese Specialty Restaurants.

Bona’s Chaolong

Bona’s Chaolong - Eatery

Bona’s Chaolong - Menu

The more popular of Puerto Princessa’s chaolongan is Bona’s Chaolong, the place is a typical eatery with wooden tables and plastic chairs along the road in an open garage setup. Expect that the place is crowded, it is frequented by locals for the reason their food are cheap. We visited the place early for a breakfast of chaolong with bread, we arrived at the place before it open but there were already several people earlier than us waiting for the place to open.

Bona’s Chaolong - Beef

Bona’s Chaolong - Pork

Bona’s Chaolong - Pork Buto Buto

Bona’s Chaolong is made up of either pork or beef meat, they do have also a buto-buto version made up of pork in bones, and rice noodles in a reddish soup topped with bean sprouts and served with kalamansi and hot chili sauce. Chaolong is best eaten paired with the local version of French bread with a choice of plain or toasted with butter and garlic or cheese. If you are really hungry try their French bread with tuna, longanisa, pork or chicken.

Bona’s Chaolong - French Bread with Cheese

Bona’s Chaolong - French Bread with Pork

Be warned that you will get splattered with the nuclear red soup while eating those addictive chaolongs, avoid wearing light colored clothes. If you are choosy and not as adventurous and prefer fine dining Vietnamese restaurants this may be not the place for you.

Bona’s Chaolong is located along Manalo Avenue Extension in Puerto Princesa City, just less than five minutes tricycle ride from the airport.


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