Chicken Tocino Recipe

Chicken Tocino Rice
Chicken Tocino Recipe. Our original Chicken Tocino recipe was first posted during the early years of OPC. The photos may not be that appealing, but that Chicken Tocino recipe was easy to make using simple basic ingredients. Today I would like to re-create that Chicken Tocino Recipe. I also wanted to check if indeed I have missed some ingredients on my version of Chicken Tocino.

Chicken Tocino

Most of the Chicken Tocino Recipes on the web today seems similar with ingredients that include pineapple juice and banana ketchup. Obviously those recipe was adopted from a recipe of one of the Food Company that market canned pineapple and banana ketchup. I have not tried the recipe, I cannot comprehend adding banana ketchup to my tocino, for the red color perhaps?

For this re-created Chicken Tocino Recipe I tweaked a couple of ingredients and some method of preparations. First I replaced the fresh garlic ingredients with garlic powder which is more practical as a rubbing ingredient. I also increased the quantity of the annatto powder to add more redness to the Chicken Tocino.  For the chicken I opted not to remove the bones, this will preserve the form of the chicken instead of little undiscernible red oily chunks of chicken meat. I have to make a lot of slit cut to the chicken meat similar to my Chicken Inasal, to get all those marinating rub penetrate to the chicken meat.  

Chicken Tocino Recipe

Burned caramelized sugar on the Chicken Tocino is difficult to avoid all together but it can be minimized by pan frying the Chicken Tocino at low to moderate heat only, turning or flipping over as often as possible. Do not over cooked the chicken, I know most of us over cook our chicken. Of all the things we do not want is eating raw or undercooked chicken bought from the Wet Markets. Never the less overcooking the chicken make it dry and loose of those yummy chicken juices.

Here is how I made of my re-created Chicken Tocino Recipe.

1 kilo chicken legs, thighs and breast
1 tbsp. annatto powder
2 tbsp. salt
1/2 cup sugar
2 tbsp. garlic powder
cooking oil
Curing Procedure:
Chicken Tocino Recipe - Method

Slit open chicken breast, legs and tights along the length to expose the bones, keep aside. In a bowl combine annatto powder, sugar, salt and garlic. Rub to coat evenly each piece of meat with the mixture. In a container with cover, pile chicken pieces one on top of the other. Cover and keep refrigerated for 2 to 3 days to cure.
Cooking Procedure:

Using a frying pan or a wok, heat generous amount of cooking oil. Pan fry the chicken in batches for a about 4 to 6 minutes each side at low to medium heat, carefully turning or flipping over as often as possible. Or until the chicken are just cooked and the chicken coating caramelized. When done serve hot.


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