Tabon Tabon

Tabon Tabon
Tabon Tabon. On my recent trip to Iligan City, I cannot help it. I had to visit the Market to find Tabon Tabon. Being a foodie and kinilaw lover at that, I have been waiting all this time to have a firsthand look and personally use the fruit of nut on my kinilaw recipes. Now it is happening, bought 12 pcs of Tabon Tabon from the public market of Iligan City.

Tabon Tabon - Cut

To my readers who are not familiar with Tabon Tabon, it is a common ingredient of Kinilaw in Northern Mindanao, particularly in Iligan, Cagayan de Oro and other places on the area. The dried fruit looks like a large chico. I has a thin husk and thin shell.

Iligan City Public Market

The  Tabon  Tabon has to be cut in half crosswise  and I would reveal a brain like  pulp or nut. The nut or pulp is the scraped out using a spoon to be mixed with kinilaw. Tabon-tabon takes out the fishiness of the raw fish.

Tabon Tabon and Biasong Lime

Ok you have provably have read about Tabo Tabon in the nett already, never the less I will be  trying  to describe the fruit as I use it on my  coming  Kinilaw  with Tabon Tabon recipes.


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