Roast Pork Belly, Pork Belly Lechon sa Oven

Roast Pork Belly

Roast Pork Belly, Pork Belly Lechon sa Oven. Today I want to share a simple roasting method of Pork Belly, Pinoy lechon style.  This is much simpler than my previous oven lechon dishes that we have cooked in the fast. Check my previous roast pork dishes by clicking the list link below.

For our meat ingredient I used pork belly that is usually used for Lechon Kawali. For this dish I used 1 kilo pork belly slab. For the aromatic and seasoning I kept it simple and minimal. I used some five spice powder, garlic, some paprika and tanglad, seasoned with salt and pepper.

Roast Pork Belly-Chopped

Here is the recipe of my Roast Pork Belly, Pork Belly Lechon sa Oven.


1 kilo Pork Belly, for lechon kawali cut 
1/2 head garlic, peeled, crushed, chopped 
2 tbsp. garlic powder 
1 tbsp. paprika powder 
1/2 tbsp. five spice powder 
salt and pepper to taste 

Cooking Procedure:

Make slit cuts on the inside of the pork belly roast about halfway deep, enough to tuck-in the aromatic ingredients.

Prepare the dry rub mixture by mixing all together the ingredients in a small bowl. Rub and coat the pork pork belly roast with the rub mixture, including the slit cut cavities. Tuck in the crushed garlic and tanglad inside the cavities.

Place the coated pork roast in a thermo glass loaf baking dish, cover and place in the refrigerator and let marinate for at least 2 to hours.

Arrange the pork belly roast in a glass baking pan with the inside, meat side facing down the bottom of the pan, and the skin facing up. Cover and seal the baking pan with aluminum foil. Keep aside

Preheat oven for 150ᵒC to 200ᵒC and when ready place the pan in the middle of the oven. Roast for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Occasionally check, by lifting the aluminum cover. Using the oil that dripped in the pan baste the skin a couple of times in between if it gets dried out.

Roast Pork Belly - Baking Procedure

Now remove pork belly roast from the baking pan, and lay on middle of the oven rack, then increase the oven temperature to 250ᵒC and continue to roast for 15 to 20 minutes until the skin start to blister and turn crisp but not burned. Reduce heat if the skin get browned rapidly and adjust time accordingly.

To test use a long metal ladle then tap the skin a couple of times when a solid hollow tad sound is heard it indicates the skin is now crisp.

When done remove from oven and wrap with aluminium foil, set aside to rest for about 10 to 15 minutes. 

Serve with your favorite lechon sauce, with just vinegar, salt and chili dip.

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