Baked Lukban Hardinera Special

Baked Lukban Hardinera Special 

This is a non-traditional hardinera, baked hardinera instead the usual steaming.

There are also other unconventional ingredients that I added both kind of ingredients and preparation.

Dice pork, before boiling - diced the pork before boiling to keep the pork remains in cubes, cutting a tender pork is difficult specially if the pork is near disintegration.

Chorizo - Added for flavor enhancement and smokiness with hind of paprika.

Roasted Bell Pepper - Deepens the flavors with sweet smoky hint.

Luncheon Meat - I would have preferred pork ham but it is not available, and of course costly. Luncheon meats are overly salty, look out the salt and fish sauce quantity.

Use of Glass Baking Dish - Using glass instead of aluminum llanera , glass allow to view the beauty of the garnishing, plus  it allows more creativeness on  the garnishing.

Baking - the resultant hardinera meatloaf is firmer.


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