MEATLESS PINAKBET TAGALOG │ How to Cook Meatless Pinakbet Tagalog

MEATLESS PINAKBET TAGALOG │ How to Cook Meatless Pinakbet Tagalog

Sharing my Espesyal Pinakbet Tagalog, Meatless with Shrimps and Dried Fish.

Cooked with fresh Bagoong Alamang.

Topped with fresh shrimps, dried alumahan, and dried dulong.

Yes I used fresh Bagoong Alamang, if it is not available or if looking for convenience, bottled cooked bagoong alamang may be used.

Take note that  cooked bottled alamang, the shrimps are most like disintegrated, and salty, have to use less quantity. Most are sweetened not unless you prefer some sweetness, look for unsweetened  bottle.

The type and quantity of vegetable ingredients depend on availability and preference, there is no hard rule.

Some prefer their vegetables half-cooked for crunchiness, others just-cooked or properly cooked, for the vegetable to render juices. 

The best Pinakbet Tagalog should be cooked just right, not under-cooked or over-cooked.


1 small wedge, squash, sliced
1 medium size ampalaya, sliced diagonally
2 medium size eggplant, sliced diagonally
1 small bundle okra, sliced diagonally
1 bundle kangkong, separate the stem and the leaves
1 small bundle string beans, cut in about 1 1/2” lengths
1 small bundle winged beans, sliced diagonally
1 cup fresh bagoong alamang, quickly rinsed, squished lightly
1 bunch, cherry tomatoes, slit cut
2-3 long green chilies, sliced diagonally, optional
2-3 whole long green chilies
1-2 small dried fish, dried alumahan, fried
2 cups dried dulong, fried
1/4 kilo medium sized shrimps, shelled
broth from boiling the heads and shells of the shrimps
2 medium sized tomatoes, chopped
1/2 head garlic, chopped
2 medium sized onions, sliced
2 thumb size ginger, sliced
cooking oil


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