ENSALADANG KATURAY with TOASTED DILIS │ Paano Gumawa ng Ensaladang Katuray

Paano Gumawa ng Ensaladang Katuray

This ENSALADANG KATURAY with TOASTED DILIS recipe is from Overseas Pinoy Cooking post.

“Ensaladang Katuray, I am sure a lot of you are wondering what katuray is? Katuray is a small tree that is normally grown at backyards in the provinces. When in bloom you won’t miss the tree full of white butterfly like flowers.

The flowers are harvested before it is fully open and it is normally cooked with other vegetables like dinengden or bulanglang and of course this beautiful salad on this post.

There is no special way of cleaning just remove the stem, open up the petals and remove the stamen and /or pistil of each flower. When cooked it gives a bitter sweet taste and a slight leathery texture
Once in a while you could find them in the supermarkets, but when they are in season surely you could buy them at wet markets.


1/2 k. katuray flowers
1 medium size tomato, chopped
1 small size onions, chopped thinly
2-3 tbsp. bagoon na isda
2 tbsp. vinegar

Cooking procedure:

Trim stem and remove stamen and/or pistil of each katuray flower and rinse. In a casserole boil water and blanch katuray for 1/2 to a minute, remove from water and drain, let cool. In a big bowl toss katuray, and all other ingredients. Chill in refrigerator until ready to serve.”

'Optional Toppings: Toasted Dilis'


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