About UT-Man

UT-Man is an Overseas Filipino Worker for more than 25 years. He has worked mostly in countries in the Far East, Middle East, South Asia, Australia and at one time in Argentina in the oil and gas offshore construction and mining industry.

UT-Man is not a professional cook or a writer. He is just an OFW who loves cooking and sharing his daily kitchen adventures. Hence, in a way he is also helping countless other OFWs who are separated from their loved ones and are struggling to cook for themselves, and Pinoys who have chosen to settle on foreign lands for a better life and now have missed so much of our very own Filipino foods.

About The Site

Overseas Pinoy Cooking is about the cooking of an overseas Pinoy using simple spices and ingredients. Prepared and cooked based on Pinoy’s traditional ways of cooking or new innovations of food preparation. Serve and presented as cooked to truly reveal the inherent appeal of real Pinoy foods with out the frill of artificial garnishing.

Recipe and photos posted here are UT-Man’s originals and have been actually cooked by him, unless otherwise clearly stated. Some of the recipe are based from open source recipe or Filipino cooking traditions and have been adapted to suite his personal cooking preference, availability of ingredients and other cooking resources.

Welcome to Overseas Pinoy Cooking!

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  1. hello! there. Am glad I found your site. I am also an avid cook as well as a Pinay living somewhere else than our sun-drenched, tropical country.

    Do drop your EC card in my site as well so that I will be reminded to check out your newer recipes.

  2. I like your site so much!!! There's no other site that has the most number of quality pics on Filipino dishes. You have all and everything here, I cant think of any dish that you missed. You even have the vegetable dish we had almost everyday when I was growing up and my Ilocano dad loved, dinengdeng. Just looking at them makes me salivate and would want to fire up the grill!!!
    Keep us craving for more!!!

  3. Hi Kababayan,

    Maraming Salamat po.
    I've been to a lot of website searching for filipino comfort foods and I am most amazed what you have accomplished here, these are the food I grew up with!

    Nice pictures too.

    I am proud of you and keep up the good work.

    Pam, California USA

  4. love this site, it is very helpful, keep blogging.

  5. When I was in Manila, I was looking for a Pinoy cookbook with lots of pictures. While I did find a couple, your website is much, much better and easier to use. Also, just looking at the pictures makes me want to try all of them. You even have links to recipe cards for easy printing. Let me know when you decide to publish a book and I'll be first in line to buy it! Maraming salamat kabayan. Mabuhay ka.

  6. Hello Kabayan,, Abu DHabi rin po ako located.. I don't really know how to cook, i was just searching for pictures in google about pinoy foods to share with my indian colleagues, para malaman nila kung gaano ksarap ang itsura ng mga lutong pinoy.. pati lasa sana gusto ko ipatikim, kaso di nga ako marunong magluto hahaha!! pero dahil may recipe ka rin sa website mo, it will really help me a lot. lalo na't ang nanay ko ay nasa pinas, walang magluluto para sa kin.. wahuhuhu!!

    salamat kabayan, ang ganda ng site mo. nakakatakam.. hahaha!!

  7. Hello sir! I felt like I struck gold when I found your website. This is truly a treasure trove for me. I am based in Singapore, and I love cooking for my wife and my son. Ako lang din kasi ang marunong at matiyaga magluto. Lately I have been running out of ideas, so this discovery is very timely. At ang daming variety.
    Your site is definitely worthy of a bookmark. Galing ng details, and instructions are very thorough. Maraming salamat talaga sir. In the future when my kids are old and they rant about my cooking I will include you in the credit.
    Thank you so much at Mabuhay ka!


  8. Hello I just wanted to tell you I am very happy to have found your blog (I found it when searching for a recipe for Squid in Coconut Milk) I personally love Filipino food, one of my best friends is Filipino and I've learned a thing or 2 from her mother and love most of it, I know the cooking can vary a lot from region to region within Philipinnes(they are from Naga, Cebu)

    P.S. your blog is a tasty find I am gonna add it to my blog list!

  9. Hello!

    I am an avid fan of this site! I learned a lot of new cooking style because of reading all your recipes. Abu Dhabi din po pala kayo! Sana po di matapos yung paglalagay nyo ng nga new recipes!! Request lang po, cassava cake sana, tagal ko na hanap recipe nun eh...

  10. halu...
    i'll sure add you on my bloglist. i haven't finished scanning for your recipes but some of the recipes i've seen are so good. some, we also aerve that at our hometown in philippines, davao sur and cebu.
    me and my husband and son are also living in abu dhabi, al ain part. it's nice to know that somewhere near someone also loves cooking and sharing the recipe.

  11. G'day
    Im a filipina by heart tho raised bilingual come across your blog thru google searching for a recipe(ensayladang talong) my sister prepared for me while on vacation in Pinas. It was very helpful and your profile speaks so much of how we Filipinos naturally can do so many.
    More power and i'll visit your blog soon.

  12. hello po. I just want to thank you, your site is really a big help lalo na sa mga misis na katulad ko. Keep up the good work, God bless!

  13. Kamusta! I just want to say I love this site. Being a Pinay living in the US, and who's family are in the UK, it's a great go to filipino recipe bible. Everything I've cooked has been great. Thanks for doing a great job on this site, keep it up. All the best.

  14. hanep akala ko pinay.. pinoy pala :) kakatakam talagaaaaa!! thank you po manong!

  15. Bai,

    Chopsuey lang solve na ako.

    pwede ba tayong mag exchange link?

  16. Hi UT-man. Salamat po sa mga putahe nyo...musta na po?

  17. Hi UT-man. Thanks sa mga pinost nyo na recipes. Kakalipat ko lang ng Texas at hilig ko na magluto sa spare time. Beginner pa lang ako kaya nakakatulong ang site nyo. Keep it up and take care.

  18. No problem, happy cooking at salamat din...

  19. Hi there UT-Man. It was a blessing being landed on to your blog site. Very informative and simple. I even tried your pork kaldereta today and it was lush.Keep up the good work and continue posting a new recipes. More power from Den of Cayman Islands.Cheers!

  20. thanks a lot for writting every menu in your site, now i can cook my favorite food by looking in your site...super galing talaga, ang sarap pagmasdan ang mga picture ng pagkain, nakakagutom...please continue to add more menus.

  21. Salamat - from the steamy hot Katy TX

  22. Thanks Mr. Ut-man... ur cooking style inspired me! Simple, easy, & yet very tasteful. I've learned a lot! Way to go! - lexyjes of Dubai, UAE.

  23. Nice blog pare! Pictures pa lang, ulam na!

  24. From California....
    Hi Mr. Ut-Man...very nice! :))....your site is totally awesome!!!....Good job!!!.... luv it, luv it!!!...I did some of your recipe and it came out perfect and so good! My husband like it so much!...thank yooOU....very mucH!,,,,for your website:))!!!!...now I am proud of myself that i can prepare yummy pilipino food for my family. Yes! tumbs up!...ako sa talino mo sa pagluluto.


  25. hi, mr. UT-Man! great job!

    i was looking for lomo recipe till i came accross the easier one...just marinate and bake. but contrary to the commenters of that site, 'twas not yummy at all. i could see at my husband's facial expression he wasn't satisfied. he didn't say anything though. i searched again and I FOUND YOUR SITE. at that moment, i knew for sure that was the one i'd been looking for. reminds me of my mother who cooked bistek for us when we were small. :-)

    cool blog! i bookmarked it right away. wish you all the best!

    cebuana mayang
    The Netherlands


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