Crispy Pata

Crispy Pata
Crispy Pata, another best seller dish at your favorite authentic Pilipino restaurant. You’ve probably been trying to duplicate it at home but most of the time you end up with burnt pata skin not to mention your own skin if you are not careful during deep frying.

Deep Fried Pork Pata

Here are some tips:

Boil pata in generous amount of salt and sprite or 7-Up plus your spice. Don’t over cook just boil until tender. Drain dry and keep refrigerated overnight.

On deep frying. Heat enough oil to cover pata until it start to smoke. When placing pata in heated oil get your cover ready there will be a lot of hot oil splashing. Set your stove from high heat to medium when you have placed the pata in the kawali, then set to low heat when pata starts to turn to golden brown in color.

Boiled Pork Pata


1 whole pork pata
1 small can Sprite or 7-up
1 whole garlic
1 tbsp. peppercorns
3 tbsp salt
3 bay leaves
1 tbsp. soy sauce
cooking oil for frying

Cooking Procedure:

Wash pork pata and place in a big pot. Add Sprite or 7-up and enough water to cover the pork pata. Add salt, peppercorns, garlic, bay leaves and soy sauce. Cover and bring to a boil and simmer for 1-1 1/2 hours or until tender. Remove all scum that rises. Remove pork pata from the pot and place in a colander and let sit for a while so the liquid will drain. Dry with paper towels if necessary. Keep refrigerated for several hours. In a large kawali heat enough cooking oil and deep fry pata until golden brown and blisters starts to appear on the skin. Drain on paper towels. Chopped crispy pata to serving pieces and serve hot with dipping sauce.

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  1. i have 2 patas in my freezer na lulutuin ko sana nuong b-day ko pero tinamad ako, been craving for crispy pata for a long time, hopefully this sunday maluto ko na, i will use a turbo kasi takot ako sa kumukulong mantika and i don't have a big enough kaldero to hold it.

  2. alilay,

    nakakatakam talaga ang crispy pata, i haven't tried cooking it in turbo oven siguro i will also...

  3. Hmmm talaga lalo yatang na-miss ko ang crispy pata. I cook it always with a close lid dahil takot ako sa talsik ng mantika. Pero pag wala ng talsik that's means your pata is almost ready dba? amoy amoy kung mabango na at crispy sa amoy pa lang then sprinkle few drops of water to make it crispier. :-)

  4. naluto ko na sa wakas, bumalik pa nga ako sa fil store kasi pinaputol ko yung pata di kasya sa aking mga lutuan di na rin ako nag-turbo i just deep fry it buti na lang di masyadong matalsik ang mantika, we ate it last night with 2 of my friends we are in crispy pata heaven, sunod ko gagawin eh lechon kawali

  5. Yes lechon kawali, I will make a post soon if i could find a whole liempo cut...

  6. been going over your archives and found this. Crispy Pata is one of my favorites. every time i go out and try Pinoy restaurants, hindi nawawala ang isang order ng CP. try cooking it using the turbo broiler. my mom does that and crispy pa rin naman :-)

  7. Hi! tipidmeals, yes we do order it as well when ever we eat out. This remind me that I am suppose to try it also using the turbo broiler.

  8. i cant believe that i can eventually make crispy is not hard..just too scary with the boiling oil..sssooooo husbands favorite and he`s so proud when he tasted it..really well done...

  9. Quick question. What exactly is a pata? I know its pork, but I have no idea what part it is. Thanks in advance.

  10. Hi Amanda I.thanks for visiting OPC. Pork pata is the front or back leg of the pig or pork hocks which include part of the shoulder,knuckle and trotters.The front leg is usualy cooked as crispy pata.

  11. This is so good. But maybe you meant place in colander, not coriander. Nevertheless, I love going through the recipes. Cheers!

  12. Hi Arlene, Thanks for highlighting, I have now rectified the error..

  13. has anybody tried cooking crispy pata in a turbo broiler?

  14. same procedure as stated above but place in turbo broiler instead of frying. 350 deg F for 45 minutes
    right hand

  15. Thanks for sharing the turbo broiler procedure.


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