Max's Style Fried Chicken

Max's Style Fried Chicken
Max’s Style Fried Chicken. Here is the first of my holiday celebration's recipe series. Max’s fried chicken is an example of a truly Pinoy style of fried chicken. It represents a very simple Pinoy way of crispy frying the chicken. This fried chicken is so popular it is Max’s best seller for those family special occasions and celebrations, like birthday and wedding parties or just a simple family dinner and of course for the Christmas season.

Max's Style Fried Chicken - Chopped

This is my version of the fried chicken popularized by Max’s Restaurant. There are no fancy ingredients and aromatic seasonings. The chicken is just seasoned with salt and or patis (fish sauce) and optional powdered pepper. To keep the fried chicken outer skin really crispy and very succulent inside, the chicken is first rub with salt and let stand for at least 15 minutes then steamed for at least half an hour with patis flavored water. Then let it cool down and lightly rub with patis the skin using the fingers. Now chill in a refrigerator before frying, for maximum crispiness the chicken could be double fried. After the first frying re-chill and when ready to serve re-fry until golden brown and crisp skin is achieve.

Max's Style Fried Chicken - Recipe

Max’s fried chicken is served with Jufran but personally I don’t like Jufran banana ketchup there is that odd after taste why not try UFC tamis-anghang banana ketchup. Enjoy.


2 whole spring chicken
patis, fish sauce
black pepper powder

Cooking procedure:

Max's Style Fried Chicken - Cooking Procedure

Wash chicken thoroughly drain. Generously rub chicken with salt including cavities and let stand for 15 minutes. In a steamer put 3 cups of water 1/2 cup of patis or fish sauce and 1/2 tsp. black pepper powder, bring to a boil. Now arrange chicken side by side in the steamer and steam for 15 to 20 minutes, add more water if required. Remove chicken from the steamer let cool down. Using your finger lightly rub the steamed chicken with patis, chill in a refrigerator until ready for frying. Deep fry chicken for 5 to 8 minutes each side until color change to golden brown. For maximum crispiness, after the first frying re-chill and when ready to serve refry for 2 to 3 minutes each side. Serve with banana ketchup.

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  1. I tasted this at Ate Jobelle's party and it, indeed, resembles that of Max's!

  2. ive tried this recipe last night and followed all the instructions listed here but i deep-fry my chicken under pork fat a lot of pork fat indeed! and put a little bit of butter and garlic inside the chicken to give more taste.At 1st i thought it would only taste like a salty chicken without chicken breading like the one my mother used to make XD but after my 1st bite i said to myself wow it is MAX's fried chciken im 99.9% sure of it. i think the secrets to max chicken is all here i higly recommend this recipe to all MAX's fried chiken lovers

    Important notes

    1. Steam the Spring Chicken do no Boil!(Steaming makes the chicken as tender like the one in Max's)

    2. Apply patis + black pepper after steaming the chicken

    3. Deep fry in Pork Fat! a lot of Pork Fat (this method gives the chicken that yumminess or "linamnam" that is very much like Max's one of my friends said it is one of the secrets of the Max fried chicken)

  3. yeah, Ive read this on youtube. Dati daw syang master cook ng Max (copy/paste)

    *Tips how to cook max's chicken:
    Rub the chicken with salt and pepper and marinate 15 minutes... palambutin sa processing lard and water, 1 is to 1 ang ratio ng lard and water.. pakuluan ng 70 minutes or simmer lang sya... after na mapalambot i deep fry po sya loob ng 3 min. ang max's restaurant dalawang klase ang ginagamit nilang oil.. master cook po ako sa maxs noon pero dito na po ako sa canada cook din po ako dito... sa ngayon nag aaply ako sa hawaii max's restaurant din... mabuhay

    but i guess, steam is better than boiling it as he have mentioned... or should I say, bka naconfused sya sa paglagay ng simmer? =)

  4. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. i think all the dishes i'd be preparing for our noche buena will only be coming from this site.
    thanks for this recipe.. i love max's.
    will try and see how mine turns out.
    mabuhay ka!

  6. Thanks karulu, happy cooking.

  7. well, we've been cooking this maxs style of fried chicken....someone in the office shared this recipe. happy to read in this site, more filipinos will love to cook and eat this especially those that are in foreign lands which no maxs restaurant.

  8. Hi Bro. ut-man, I just want to share this bit of information with your readers of cooking chicken, Rotisserie "Crispy Outside and Juicy Inside" method. Moisten whole chicken with patis or soy sauce. Place in large enough Zip lock baggie. Pour 1 packet "Kraft Shake'n Bake". Shake chicken until thoroughly coated with the mix. Marinate overnight. Rotisserie at 350 for about an hour or until golden brown, basting occasionally with melted butter. Turning the heat off, close the lid and allow the rotisserie to continue turning until the reading on the meat thermometer becomes 170 degrees F. Then remove the chicken, and covering it with foil, allow it to rest for about 15 minutes. Result>"Crispy Outside and Juicy Inside". No mess, No Fuzz Crispy Chicken.

  9. nice! i was craving now

  10. ravine

    thanks guys! one of the best chicken ive tasted.

  11. ask ko lang po what can substitute patis. kc where i am wla pong patis. thanks! >ANNA<

  12. Parang wala yata, hindi ko alam Anna...

  13. Maganda sana kung may video sa lahat ng recipe

  14. Go check the asian section of supermarkets. Vietnam and thailand have their own patis and they're called fish sauce. In thai it is also called nuoc nam. It's what i'm using here in aus as i find it better than rufina patis which is available in plentiful asian stores here.

  15. im going to try this later,but i marinated my chicken with patis overnight i hope it will not turn out too salty

  16. @Aussie.
    You are rigth mate, fish sauce is available in the Asian section of most supermarkets anywhere.

  17. hi po!I cooked this last night, my husband and I loved it..super yummy siya...thank you so much for sharing this recipe...cyndy

  18. Its my pleasure cyndy.

  19. I really love this site, mdami ako natututunan, though mhirap mghanap ng ingredients mostly, but its very much worth it to try on new recipe day after day thanks a lot for sharing, i have tried this recipe on my sister bday and they love it!!

  20. I discovered this site the other day and tried this recipe yesterday for our dinner. My family loved it. My husband said MAX's na MAX's daw. Baka naman daw nag take out lang talaga ako from Max's. My son is also interested on how to cook this. I told them that i saw this from your site. Everyday dito na ako tumitingin for our ulam of the day. Thank you very much!By the way, Ilocano ka ba? Babette 72565

  21. Hi Babette,
    Salamat naman at nagustuhan nyo and aking mga recipe, yes Ilocano po ako.

  22. I cooked it yesterday and my family loves it..thanks for sharing this recipe..I really enjoy this site..

  23. i love this helpful site.mabuhey!

  24. wow na xcite namn ako reading all the commemts..try ko to today sa dner namin ni hubby..then wl post comment if to the MAX sarap sya..hmmmmmm..first day ko, glad found this site dami recipe...thing frm kuwait

  25. @thing from kuwait,
    I hope it did turned out OK

  26. I always wondered how Maxs resto did this! Im curious about the steam over patis water and i will definitely try it. :)

  27. Hi, just want to ask po if pwede Kya na chopped na po yung chicken before cooking it?

  28. Thanks for sharing this recipe as well as to all your other recipes. I made this recipe together with chopsuey for our Sunday family lunch.. It tasted like Max's talaga coming from my hubby na favorite ang Max's Chicken. Just don't forget to buy Jufran as it is the defining combination.

    Magtayo ka na ng Catering! =)

  29. For easier frying yes, you can cut po.

  30. I just discovered this site but I dont like it. I love it!!!!!

    Hobby ko kasing magluto,3 years na ako sa Australia at minsan na lang akong makapagluto ng Pinoy recipes.Ngayon ay enjoy! Salamat sa site na ito.Mabuhay!


  31. How do I know the oil is now ready for frying. Is there a right temperature for the oil before we put in the chicken? Thanks.

  32. Hi Ronald,
    Thanks for the like :)

    Hi Peary,
    There are several methods but the safest way is to dip a bamboo BBQ skewer whn it boils its ready.

  33. Hi. Pano kung wlang patis yun water na pang steam? Maapektuhan ba yun lasa?

  34. I just want to ask.. Do you have to thaw the chicken before frying? Or no need na kasi "chill" lang? I'm new in cooking and I want to try this for my hubby! ^____^

  35. Hi amai,
    Di naman sya na-froze kaya dina kailangan. Mas maganda medyo malamig/chilled syang i-fry, goodluck.


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